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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Inglewood

The earliest records show that Inglewood was settled by the Native American Indians, who settled the land by the Centinela Hot springs. In the 1960s’ Inglewood garnered national attention as a community that stood up for integration and race relations.

Today Inglewood is known for hosting the largest sports and entertainment facility in the country. The Forum, famous for hosting the NBA’s L.A. Lakers and now the place to go for world-class concerts and entertainment.

What’s needed to undergo a kitchen remodeling in Inglewood?

You know when it’s time for a kitchen renovation. It can seem very overwhelming when you start thinking of all the details that go into kitchen remodeling in your Inglewood home. That’s why you need to work with experts. Structura, the top kitchen remodeling company in Inglewood, will take you through the renovation from design to the finishing touches. Their professional contractors and artisans will deliver your dream kitchen with grace, on time, and on budget.

The Structura kitchen designers offer a free in-house design session. After an in-depth interview where they assess your needs, wants, and desires, the design team will come up with a 3- D computer rendering of your kitchen. Whether you are looking for a kitchen refresh or changing the entire footprint of the kitchen, adding doors and windows, new lighting. All this we include in the design phase.

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Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles

Structura was amazing! They remodeled my kitchen and bathrooms and did an excellent job. Highly recommended for anybody looking for a quality work by a group of splendid people.

Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles

I found Structura by way of a good friend who introduced me to Kobi and he was such a great help with my room additions. The Structura team was able to guide us adding our 2 extra bedrooms in a short amount of time. Great job, highly recommended.

Bathroom Remodel in LA

Structura Remodeling took care of our kitchen remodeling from start to finish. We had initially spoken to 5 other contractors, but Kobi was the best and most honest communicator. Now our kitchen looks and feels fabulous thanks to Structuras amazing team.

Bathroom Remodel in LA

Structura Remodeling helped me with my newly purchased home in Encino and they did a terrific job. My home is included in their gallery and I’m proud to see their amazing work in their portfolio.

Kitchen Remodeling Los Angeles

I was amazed to see one my cousins new room additions in Los Feliz. He introduced me to Kobi who had full-fledged knowledge of remodeling and helped me out from start to finish. His team is amazing and I recommend Structura Remodeling for any remodeling project!

Bathroom Remodel in LA

I’m not really big on writing online reviews, but I do believe in sharing the positive experiences when a business provides exceptional services. We hired Kobi’s company for our master bathroom renovation. I reached out to Kobi as one of my neighbors used them to remodel their kitchen and bathroom and only had nice things to say about them…

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Bathroom Remodeling


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What happens during a kitchen remodel in Inglewood?

After you confirm the design, Structura’s kitchen contractors will apply for any necessary permits and get to work with the demolition. After we have taken your kitchen down to the studs, it’s a perfect time and opportunity to replace plumbing, add new electrical, upgrade HVAC, and add any new windows, doors, etc. If you are creating an open concept kitchen, this is when the walls come down. We then install the necessary support structure.

Structura has an experienced staff of contractors, plumbers, electricians, masons, and artisans ready to tackle any type of restoration work needed. Your kitchen can be customized to your specific needs. Our customers rave about the quality of the finishing of their new kitchens. With your new infrastructure and modernized kitchen, you have everything you need to enjoy entertaining family and friends.

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Inglewood?

How much your new kitchen will cost is based on the amount of work needed. Are you doing a floor and cabinet refresh or a complete custom kitchen with new windows, doors, and lighting?
Once we finalize the building and design plans, the budget is locked in. Our customers are surprised at how affordable their new kitchen renovations are. Structura delivers your new kitchen on time and within budget. No Surprises! We offer 0 interest, no money down financing.

While your kitchen addition contractors are at work on your new kitchen, you get to work with the design team choosing new flooring, cabinetry, counters, lighting, appliances, etc. Shopping with Structura saves you money. They have relationships with the top manufacturers and wholesalers and pass the savings along to you.

We offer 0% financing. No down payment. 0 due at signing.
Call Structura, the best kitchen remodeling company in Inglewood. Your free consultation is only a phone call away. Call today 800.922.4613

Bathroom Remodeling in Inglewood
What’s needed to undergo a bathroom remodeling in Inglewood

Have you been dreaming of updating your bathroom forever? Watching DIY shows and combing design magazines? Longing for a bathroom addition that includes a deep soaking tub or a walk-in shower? Double sinks and plenty of storage space with lighting that works?…Or a practical and functional space for a busy multi-generational family?

Now is the time to call Structura, the top bathroom remodeling company in Inglewood.

The first step to making your fantasy a reality is requesting a free in-home design estimate. After our bathroom designers assess the space and identify your needs, we present a 3-D computer rendering of your new bathroom. Once the design, timeline, and budget are finalized the work can begin.

What happens during a bath remodel in Inglewood?

After the Structura contractors acquire the necessary permits for your bathroom remodel in Inglewood they begin removing everything from the old bathroom. This is the time to upgrade all your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. You want everything up to date and up to code. Some of the older houses may require remediation from mold, asbestos, or even lead. Your new bath renovation will ensure your family’s health and safety.

All the structural and foundation work is next. Now is the time to add new windows and skylights. The more light you can bring in, the better for any bathroom!!!. After that comes the finishing’s-new tiles, cabinetry, your new tub or show, new toilet, etc. Here is your opportunity to work with our Design Team and our bathroom contractors in Inglewood to customize your new bathroom and express your style. Modern and sleek or traditional and cozy. Take advantage of our deep discounts to shop for the best eco-friendly materials and high-end finishes.

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom in Inglewood?

The total cost of your bathroom remodeling is based on the scope of work.
Your costs are consistent with your design specifications. Are you are simply replacing your old sink and countertop, or are you expanding your bathroom to build the master bath of your dreams?

Our clients are delighted with our affordable rates.

With our ability to buy directly from the manufacturers and wholesalers, we save you money without compromising quality or craftsmanship. With our no money down and 0 interest financing, a new bathroom renovation in Inglewood is affordable, plus a smart investment in your home, and will bring you years of joy.

We offer 0% financing. No down payment. 0 due at signing.
Call Structura, the best kitchen remodeling company in Inglewood. Your free consultation is only a phone call away. Call today 800.922.4613



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