It’s been about a year since the Covid -19 Pandemic has forced us indoors. Our kitchens have done double time duty. Three meals plus snacks a day, zoom school, and office hours. All the things that don’t work about your kitchen are now front and center every day, driving you crazy. It is time to find the right Kitchen Contractor in Los Angeles and get this job started!

Have you been procrastinating because you need more information to get started? In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to create your budget and find the right contractor for your Los Angeles Kitchen Renovation. Read ahead to find answers to your planning questions.

Find out how to satisfy your budget, style, and tastes.

Kitchen Remodel Costs in Los Angeles is all about the following three items:

1. Square footage – The larger amount of square footage in your new kitchen design, the higher the budget. Larger kitchens require more cabinetry, more flooring, more tile, and fixtures. Don’t worry. You can keep it within your budget with a few buying tricks we’ll share with you.

2. Open or closed floor plan- Does your renovation plan include taking down walls to create an open floor plan kitchen, or will you be simply using the same space and footprint for the kitchen remodel? An open floor plan may require more plumbing and electrical changes, especially if you want to move the location of your sink or stove, or other appliances. It also may require additional structural supports that add to the budget,

3. Style choices- The more high-end materials and fixtures you include, the more the price of your kitchen renovation increases. Fortunately, there are so many wonderful new options in cabinetry, tiles, countertops, and flooring. You can find materials that can satisfy your tastes and your budget.

To help with design choices, you may want to go to a few open houses in your Los Angeles neighborhood. Find out what is popular. What are people spending their money on? Custom Cabinets, high-end stonework, or maybe extra-large islands with second prep spaces. If you plan to sell your home in the next five to 10 years, make sure you are on trend with your Kitchen Renovation. The kitchen is what sells the house. Make sure you are on point.

What goes into a Kitchen Renovation in Los Angeles? After you agree upon the Kitchen Remodel Design, materials, and fixtures, you are ready to begin your remodel. Here are the steps and the decisions you will need to make along the way.

  • Permits – Your professional Kitchen Contractor will apply for the building permits. If you are altering the structure, taking down walls, adding additional square footage to the house, your permit might take 30 days or more. It depends on your local town building ordinances and timeline. Costs vary by community and project.
  • Demolition – Your expert kitchen renovation team starts the demolition. It can take one to three days depending on whether you are removing walls or just removing the old kitchen. You may want to consider preserving and donating your old cabinets if they are in good enough shape.
  • Plumbing and Electrical work – this is a good time to update old plumbing and electrical. You may need new wiring for additional lighting fixtures, new appliances. Don’t forget the needs for your new smart home technology. Make sure you have sufficient HVAC for your new space.
  • Cabinets – Your cabinet choice will affect your budget. Semi-custom cabinets are mostly manufactured in China and then assembled for the job. An average cost would be between $11,500- $16,000. Custom cabinets can cost around $28,000. They are made from higher-quality solid wood and will wear better. There are more choices with custom cabinets.
  • Countertops – This includes your backsplash. There are so many stylish options these days. Quartz countertops are trendy in Los Angeles, and they are maintenance-free. Granite is still trendy. New finishes that are either mat or leather-like are in for 2021. The urban concrete look is showing up in more homes as well as Ecco- Friendly recycled woods.
  • Flooring – There are endless choices to fit every budget. Hardwood Luxury type Laminates that look exactly like wood, tile from industrial designs to marble. Polished Concrete flooring and Ecco – Friendly bamboos.
  • Fixtures – Sinks- farmhouse? Single or Double? Hardware, cabinet pulls. This is where you get to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece. A high-end faucet and beautiful cabinet pulls will really stand out and finish your renovation beautifully. After you choose your appliances, take the time with the little details.

Once you know your square footage and do some shopping for your cabinetry, flooring, and fixtures, you are ready to get a design quote. How do you decide on your Professional Kitchen Contractor in Los Angeles?

How to Feel Confident in Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a contractor can be a confusing process. You hear stories from friends and family about frustrating experiences they had in hiring the wrong contractor. Here is how to avoid the mistake of hiring the wrong contractor.

  • Check credentials – California has specific requirements for Contractors. Make sure that anyone you hire is licensed, insured, and bonded. Check online with the Contractors State License Board website. Also, if you are a member of Angie’s list, you can check with them.
  • Online review and referrals – Make sure the contractor has been in business for at least five years so you can check their track record with customers and the Better Business Bureau. Business owners can buy online reviews, so make sure they are from actual customers. Speak to neighbors and friends. Get referrals from satisfied customers.
  • Get three bids to compare. – The more specific you can be about your choices for cabinets, fixtures, flooring, the more accurate the bids will be. You have to be able to compare apples with apples. If you get a low-ball bid, ask the right questions to see what’s included and what’s not. What is their experience? Do they have licensed electricians and plumbers on staff?

Budget – Again, your choices will affect your budget. The square footage will determine your budget. Flooring, fixtures, and finishes will add to the budget as well as your furnishings. Remember always to have a 10-15% contingency plan for unexpected expenses. For example, if you open up the walls and find plumbing or electrical that is not up to code, it will need to be replaced. This is common in renovation projects.

The average kitchen remodel costs in Los Angeles is $35,000 to $75,000 +. You can build the Kitchen of your dreams, and you control the budget with your choices.

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