Bathroom Remodeling

Is it time for a handicap accessible bathroom?

Is it time for a handicap accessible bathroom?

October 26, 2019

Ready to upgrade your bathroom? Ready…Set…Remodel!

Is it just us or have you also noticed that life moves quickly? Over the last 16 years, we’ve been providing top-quality home remodeling and renovation services in the greater Los Angeles area. We’ve had the opportunity to serve many clients who have found that with new developments in their physical bodies they needed to transform the functionality of their bathrooms.

It has been a real pleasure to support our clients with handicap accessible bathroom remodeling services. We’ve found that when it comes to remodeling your bathroom to be more handicap accessible that there are bathroom design trends that make the remodeling process flow with ease.

Here are the top 3-bathroom design trends to support you with a handicap accessible bathroom remodel.

 1. Add a stylish yet functional built-in seat to your shower.

Built-in seat bathroom remodel

This is an example of a stylish, yet function handicap accessible bathroom remodel completed in the great Los Angeles area. You’ll see here that a walk-in shower design was installed which also included a built-in shower seat. This bathroom remodel allows for function and fashion and includes a removable handheld shower attachment with an extension to promote an easy seated showering experience.

2. Wheelchair accessible bathroom showcases a larger doorway and open floor plan.

Wheelchair accessible bathroom showcases

Here’s an important bathroom design trend to consider when digging into a handicap accessible bathroom remodel. Here you’ll find an LA bathroom with an expansive doorway, open floor plan to create easy bathroom entry as well as allow for a wheelchair to arrive right next to the shower. Also, again you’ll notice the wonderful addition of the built-in shower seat. All these bathroom trends are highly functional for any handicap needs…however, the modern and sophisticated style of this bathroom speaks volumes!

3. Sleek, sassy and oh so functional. Check out this walk-in bathtub

Sleek, sassy walk-in bathtub

We at Structura Remodeling are floored by this streamlined, stylish and functional walk-in tub and shower door combination. What we love most about this for a handicap accessible bathroom remodel is its high level of function while still maintain a beautiful design. You’ll see here you could bring a wheelchair or walker directly up to the tub’s side and then enjoy a spa-like experience in your bathroom.

When it comes to a handicap accessible bathroom remodel there is never a job too small! It’s the small details that ultimately make the largest impact in your home when it comes to changes in your lifestyle, mobility or just wanting to streamline your bathroom experience. These handicap-accessible bathroom remodeling trends are timeless, trusted and stylish.

If you’re in the Greater LA area and are looking for support to begin a bathroom remodeling project know that Structura Remodeling is here for you. Come dream…design and build with us. Take advantage of our Free consultations today!

Home Remodeling

Los Angeles Home Improvement Grants

Los Angeles Home Improvement Grants

Do you need some financial support to remodel and renovate your home in California?

Owning a house in California can certainly mark a very exciting chapter in life. However, as we’ve served a variety of clients including veterans, teachers, seniors, single parents, and disabled or handicapped homeowners with their home improvement projects, we’ve found that sometimes there is a need for financial support. If you’re a veteran, a single mother of find yourself working within the constraints of a low income we’re sure that you’d appreciate some support to allow your dream home remodeling project to become a reality.

For our team, no project is ever too small and at Structura Remodeling we offering financing to help you bring your California house renovations to life.

Home Improvement Grant

A home improvement grant also called a “home repair grant,” is a type of financial aid issued by the government at the federal, state or municipality level. It’s designed to help homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area make select improvements to their properties even when navigating a low income.

If an applicant and their project meet certain requirements, a home improvement grant does not need to be repaid. So, essentially this gives you access to free funds to have your house remodeled in California.

There are several places you can find available home improvement grants. A great place to start is with your local California HUD office (Housing and Urban Development). HUD offers grants like the HOME Investment Partnerships Program for low-income homeowners, as well as various types of house remodeling loans. Visit to find the offices within the greater Los Angeles area.

Eligibility requirements vary by grant. For the most part, grants will have requirements about the homeowner’s income, their location, as well as the suggested projects that this grant money will invest to support.

Here are some resources that you can explore to determine eligibility. If you’re a Veteran, Teacher, Senior Citizen, Single Parent, or find yourself handicapped or disabled, you could potentially meet the qualifications for some of the more commonly used home improvement grants:

HOME Investment Partnerships Program

USDA Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants

HUD Community Development Block Grant Program

VA Specially Adapted Housing Grant

Just like with your mortgage application, you will need to produce documentation to prove your financial need. You may also need to prove that you’re working within a low-income, as well as offer assessments of your home’s conditions and your estimated project costs. Make sure you know the full scope of requirements for each grant you apply for. Remember, most home improvement grants in California are very limited in number and only a few homeowners are chosen.

Structura Remodeling is one of the few experienced contractors in the LA area that also offers financing for your home remodel projects. If you’re in the Greater LA area and are looking for support to begin are modeling project know that Structura Remodeling is here for you. There is no project too small and no dream too big. Free consultations are available today!

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Trends for 2023: Let’s See What’s Cooking!

Kitchen Trends for 2023: Let’s See What’s Cooking!

October 8, 2019

Time flies! Can you believe that it’s already October of 2022? As we approach a brand-new year, it’s a great time to dream, design and build your perfect kitchen. There are some interesting and inspiring trends unfolding in the space of kitchen design, kitchen renovation, and kitchen remodeling.

Some of the kitchen design idea trends we’ve discovered are bold. Could you see yourself with an aquarium inside your kitchen island? Well, there is certainly a design spectrum when it comes to incorporating 2023 kitchen renovation trends. What we’ve noticed, especially in Los Angeles is the most popular kitchen remodeling trends lean towards timeless designs.

Here are a few of our top picks for kitchen ideas and kitchen designs in 2023.

1. Colorful Kitchens help to add that wow factor – Kitchen trends for 2023

Colorful Kitchen trends 2020 Colorful Kitchen designs 2023

In this LA kitchen, you’ll see a beautiful use of color to add a trendy appeal to your kitchen design. By including a combination of blue, wood tones and the sleekness of the chrome appliances, along with a chrome kitchen counter-top you’ll notice a timeless approach to a “funky” design. If your someone who tends to be inspired by boho-chic designs adding colorful kitchen cabinetry is a great way to bring that design trend into your kitchen space.

2.Add texture to your kitchen remodel. It brings out the hidden treasure of your home – Kitchen trends for 2023

Texture kitchen remodel 2023

Here is an example of a kitchen design trend that was executed perfectly. Do you see the gorgeous metallic and textured titles utilized through this kitchen remodel? These textured kitchen titles add a large level of depth and richness to the vibe of this gorgeous LA kitchen. Also, by incorporating this horizontal kitchen window with emphasized window trim the contractor has managed to mirror the kitchen cabinet accents and the stove finishes.

3.White on white done right. This kitchen showcases a timeless style with a modern edge – Kitchen trends for 2023

White on white kitchen

In this bright and sophisticated kitchen,you find a modern approach to white on white. By utilizing white kitchen titles which include an octagon pattern, and pops of colors throughout with additional complementary patterns this timeless classic kitchen design quickly becomes one of the leading kitchen trends for 2023.

When it comes to your kitchen remodel, don’t be afraid to play with color and find a perfect balance between trending and timeless. If you’re in the Greater LA area and are looking for support to begin a kitchen remodeling project know that Structura Remodeling is here for you. There is no project too small and no dream too big. Free consultations are available today!