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How to Choose a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Santa Monica?

How to Choose a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Santa Monica?

November 9, 2019

Step by step from the kitchen remodels to choosing a local contractor company we are here to help!

Ready to dive into your kitchen renovation in Santa Monica and wondering what steps to take first? Come build design and dream with us! Here’s an important pro-tip, before starting your kitchen remodel in Santa Monica there are some decisions to be made, like if you are going to get an estimate to hire a local contractor or if you plan to take your design ideas and do the project yourself.

kitchen renovation process

Let’s explore the kitchen renovation process 1 step at a time:

First, you’ll want to start with the vision for your kitchen remodel ideas. Don’t be afraid to dream big with your design. This is where you’ll think about the countertops you’d love, if you want to move a wall and expand your kitchen space, flooring, appliances, kitchen islands, start to map out your ideas.

Next, you’ll want to outline a budget. Giving yourself an idea of what would be the average cost of your kitchen remodel in Santa Monica. When giving your kitchen an upgrade you may want to plan to set aside 10 to 20% extra within your budget to cover the cost of supplies.

After that, you’ll move into planning out your kitchen renovation. The process of planning out your kitchen remodel in Santa Monica includes measuring your space, ordering cabinet samples, perhaps talking with a kitchen designer, who can support you with taking your ideas to update the design of your kitchen and translate those ideas into something functional. This stage of the planning process also includes applying for a building permit and finalizing your kitchen remodel plans. By finalizing your renovation plans before you start the project, you’ll get a better sense of the average cost of materials and ensure that there are no delays during your remodel.

Now, we move into the 2nd phase of your Santa Monica kitchen remodel, ordering your products. Keep in mind that shopping for renovation isn’t always a quick process. It takes time to identify the items that will fit your design. Ordering products for your kitchen includes ordering of appliances, ordering your cabinets, ordering the pieces that will compliment your design. Such as flooring, faucets, hardware, and lighting. In this phase of your Santa Monica kitchen remodel you’ll also want to set up a temporary kitchen so that you have something to work with during the renovation.

Are you wondering what’s up next? Well, at this stage in your kitchen remodel it’s time for construction. With construction also comes demolition. That’s right, at this point it will be time to demolish your current Santa Monica kitchen and begin creating the new kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. Also, during this stage of the project is where structural changes are made, here you’ll also update your plumbing, install drywall and install the flooring you chose for your kitchen redesign.

kitchen redesign

Next up, it’s time to finish the construction. This is where all the new products will be installed in your Santa Monica kitchen. A fun part of the remodeling process because you’ll see your ideas come to life! Here you’ll be installing your kitchen cabinets, install the countertops, install all your lighting, appliances and kitchen fixtures, polish up the details of your kitchen design by installing a backsplash, and of course clean up so that you can begin to enjoy your brand new kitchen.

Kitchen design tips:

Now that you have a better understanding of the flow of a kitchen renovation let’s talk about some redesign tips! Some of the best design ideas are created from simple updates. For example, including pops of color to create those modern touches, or including natural stones and sand elements into your Santa Monica kitchen to give it that perfect Southern California vibe. One of the best tips we can offer when it comes to renovating your kitchen is to make it your own. Bring in elements that give your kitchen a personality that matches the overall feeling of your home. Don’t be afraid to have some fun.

How to hire the best local contractor companies:

If you’re looking into hiring a great local contractor to help you upgrade your kitchen in Santa Monica, you’ll want to do your research. We suggest outlining three contractors’ companies that you can then interview to find the right fit. Often, looking into their client testimonials can be highly supportive when choosing the right contractor for your kitchen remodel. Also, try to start the process of hiring your contract early as the best local contracts in Santa Monica are often booked out 6 to 8 months in advance.