Bathroom Remodeling

Is it time for a handicap accessible bathroom?

Is it time for a handicap accessible bathroom?

October 26, 2019

Ready to upgrade your bathroom? Ready…Set…Remodel!

Is it just us or have you also noticed that life moves quickly? Over the last 16 years, we’ve been providing top-quality home remodeling and renovation services in the greater Los Angeles area. We’ve had the opportunity to serve many clients who have found that with new developments in their physical bodies they needed to transform the functionality of their bathrooms.

It has been a real pleasure to support our clients with handicap accessible bathroom remodeling services. We’ve found that when it comes to remodeling your bathroom to be more handicap accessible that there are bathroom design trends that make the remodeling process flow with ease.

Here are the top 3-bathroom design trends to support you with a handicap accessible bathroom remodel.

 1. Add a stylish yet functional built-in seat to your shower.

Built-in seat bathroom remodel

This is an example of a stylish, yet function handicap accessible bathroom remodel completed in the great Los Angeles area. You’ll see here that a walk-in shower design was installed which also included a built-in shower seat. This bathroom remodel allows for function and fashion and includes a removable handheld shower attachment with an extension to promote an easy seated showering experience.

2. Wheelchair accessible bathroom showcases a larger doorway and open floor plan.

Wheelchair accessible bathroom showcases

Here’s an important bathroom design trend to consider when digging into a handicap accessible bathroom remodel. Here you’ll find an LA bathroom with an expansive doorway, open floor plan to create easy bathroom entry as well as allow for a wheelchair to arrive right next to the shower. Also, again you’ll notice the wonderful addition of the built-in shower seat. All these bathroom trends are highly functional for any handicap needs…however, the modern and sophisticated style of this bathroom speaks volumes!

3. Sleek, sassy and oh so functional. Check out this walk-in bathtub

Sleek, sassy walk-in bathtub

We at Structura Remodeling are floored by this streamlined, stylish and functional walk-in tub and shower door combination. What we love most about this for a handicap accessible bathroom remodel is its high level of function while still maintain a beautiful design. You’ll see here you could bring a wheelchair or walker directly up to the tub’s side and then enjoy a spa-like experience in your bathroom.

When it comes to a handicap accessible bathroom remodel there is never a job too small! It’s the small details that ultimately make the largest impact in your home when it comes to changes in your lifestyle, mobility or just wanting to streamline your bathroom experience. These handicap-accessible bathroom remodeling trends are timeless, trusted and stylish.

If you’re in the Greater LA area and are looking for support to begin a bathroom remodeling project know that Structura Remodeling is here for you. Come dream…design and build with us. Take advantage of our Free consultations today!