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18 Tips for Finding a Room Additions Contractor For Your Home Addition

18 Tips for Finding a Room Additions Contractor For Your Home Addition

February 28, 2022

Remodeling your home by expanding your space with additions is a very exciting but nerve-wracking process. Of course, you want to find a good contractor who can be trusted, can operate within your budget, and can construct to code. Remodeling your home is a serious investment, so you want to make sure you are hiring a reliable contractor who can bring you the best quality on schedule with your timeline. Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners on who you hire as your contractor, as you may think you’re saving money with a lower quote,but you may regret it when faced with errors, delays, and a poorly designed addition, which is more expensive to fix in the long run. For a home renovation project to run smoothly, you want a contractor who is well experienced and stress-free to work with. If you are looking for a room additions remodeling expert, look no further than Structura Remodeling, awarded the title of one of the Best Home Addition contractors in Los Angeles by

To help you be confident in your choice of contractor, here is a list of tips for securing one for your room additions projects:


Make sure that you have a clear idea and outline of your home remodeling project before seeking out a contractor. This will allow you to receive the most accurate quotes from contractors as well as pick out ones with the most relevant experience and resources. The fewer adjustments or requests for changes you have later on in the project, the more money you can save by not having to go over budget, having to extend timelines, or having to redesign your project.

2) Ask Around for Referrals from Homeowners Locally and in Your Neighborhood.

Oftentimes there are other homeowners in your neighborhood or general vicinity who have had remodeling or renovation work done, and by asking around, they may be able to refer you to some of the best in the business. Contractors heavily rely on good and accurate client testimonials to show customer satisfaction and their experience, so it is always good to be referred to your contractor by someone else who is happy with their work.

3) Look at Their Online Reviews

If you are looking at contractors that haven’t done work in your neighborhood or area before, it is helpful to look at online reviews. Other customers who are either satisfied or dissatisfied with their contractor’s work are likely to leave reviews on the internet that have feedback making it easier for you to narrow down your choices. You will also be able to get a better understanding of the quality of their labor, materials, and workmanship which may help in your decision-making.

4) Don’t Be Discouraged By Busy Contractors

If you speak to a contractor who seems to be very busy and in high demand, while initially discouraging, this is actually a good sign. If the contractor is constantly working on projects and has a steady stream of business, this means that they are likely quality and reliable contractors. This may be a good choice, even if you have to wait a few months to be put on their schedule.

5) Go with Your Instincts

If you have a good gut feeling about a certain contractor, and feel comfortable with their skills and ability, they may be a good choice. A good relationship with your contractor is important.

6) Pick a Pro

Rather than opting to try and do your home renovation project yourself or within an experienced contractor, especially when it comes to room additions, it is almost always better to pick a professional. It is better to know your project will be completed well, on time, and on budget by putting your home into the hands of a pro.

7) Ask How Long They’ve Been in Business

Oftentimes, the longer a contractor has been in business, the more experienced and qualified they are. Don’t be afraid to ask how many years they’ve been on the job.

8) Review their Past Work

Always look at the contractor’s past jobs and projects to make sure their work and style align with your needs. You should be satisfied looking at the pictures on their website from previous clients’ homes.

9) Verify Insurance, Licensing, and Permits

Make sure your contractor has the proper licenses and government permits to legally do home construction work in your area, and that they have insurance to cover the cost of potential injuries on the job.

10) Ask About Check-Ins

Ask about how frequently you can expect to sit down with your contractor and check in on the progress of the job to make sure you are on schedule, budget, and everything is going according to plan.

11) Get a Written Contract

Make sure you have a written and signed contract with an agreement of your terms prior to starting your project and be sure to record all aspects of your job. Good contractors should have detailed contracts with information about financing and what happens in case you aren’t satisfied with the work.

12) Be Flexible on Price

While you may be trying to stay within a budget, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. It is better to pay a little more for a reputable contractor and get quality results than needing a replacement later on. Do the job right the first time.

13) Get the Details About Financing

Make sure you know exactly when to pay and how much you’re paying when it comes to up-front cost, financing, and interest before the job starts s you’re not blindsided by unexpected costs.

14) Know Exactly Who is Completing the Work

Make sure you know if your contractor or a subcontractor will be completing the work, and that you are comfortable and confident working with all parties involved.

15) Ask About Materials and Their Cost Estimate Up Front

You should be made aware of the choices of materials for all aspects of your project and why they are being chosen. You should be provided with options for upgrades or budget-friendly materials and approve them ahead of time.

16) Who Can you Expect in your Home While Work is done?

Will there be a renovation supervisor on site while work is being completed? You should have a point of contact on-site while work is performed to direct questions to.

17) Know the What-Ifs

What if there are unexpected problems with the renovation? Ask your contractor how they handle unexpected situations during remodels and how they may affect your timeline and budget.

18) Know What Happens if you are Unhappy with the Job

Ask about how the contractor will handle customer complaints and if they have any policies in place for making sure you are satisfied with their work before the job is over.

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Bathroom Remodeling Blog

4 Bathroom Renovations That Cost between $19K-35K

4 Bathroom Renovations That Cost between $19K-35K

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your bathroom? Well, if you notice any cracked or missing tiles, the toilet is slow and making gurgling noises, and the lighting in the shower is darker than you’d like, it means you are in need of a bathroom renovation. Not sure what a good budget for such a project is? With $19k-35k, you should have enough to cover most of your renovation costs, including the materials, installation, and labor for a new toilet, sink, vanity, fixtures, tiles, flooring, and lighting. Of course you may want to leave a little wiggle room in your budget for extra plumbing, electrical, or layout changes that would increase your project cost. Now all you need is a trusted renovation contractor based in Los Angeles, which is where Structura Remodeling can help. Whatever your remodeling ideas and dreams are, Structura Remodeling will help you to make them come true. Refresh the look of your bathroom whether it’s outdated and old or you simply don’t like what the previous homeowners did, all while staying in budget.


1) Bathroom Remodel in Beverly Hills, CA

Another example of bathroom renovations took place in a Beverly Hills apartment. Sticking to a $22K budget, a gray, visually coarse porcelain tile along the floor and vanity wall was installed. Replacing the sink with a new vanity for a raised basin sink, the team was able to achieve a much more modern look.As a last touch, the team installed a larger mirrored medicine cabinet, glass shower door, slim toilet, brushed nickel fixtures, and a light above the vanity.

2) Bathroom Remodel Los Angeles, CA

To modernize a master bath, the budget was $19k. To open up the space, the standing shower was removed and an open shower stall fitted with a glass door was installed. The beige vanity was removed and replaced it with a customized wooden table fitted with a marble countertop. To provide more storage, two medicine cabinets were installed side by side. The bathroom renovations were finished with the installation of a new toilet and fixtures for functionality and black hexagon tile floor with white floor-to-ceiling subway tile.

3) Bathroom Remodel in Santa Monica, CA

A bathroom remodel using stained limestone for a budget of $32k. To create more storage space, a custom vanity with unique drawer configurations was installed. This decrease visual clutter by hiding a small trash can. A marble tile was picked with a cube effect for the floor and beveled subway tile lined the walls. Without replacing the tub or sink, the renovation was completed with a new sink, countertop and lighting fixture. Working within the budget, the team was able to maximize the space and accomplish a neat, uncluttered bathroom style.

4) Bathroom Remodel in Westminster, CA

Within a 20k budget, a new bathroom renovation in Westminster started with removing theold tile and carpet. The cramped shower with a leaky door was removed. The team put a door in to separate the bathroom and bedroom where there wasn’t one before. A larger shower with a glass door, subway tile, and bench were installed. The team then replaced the countertops with marble and finished off the details of the bathroom with gold accents and a white, gray, slate, and blue color palette.

Here are Some Tips for Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom:

1) Paint Your Bathroom

A new coat of paint can do wonders in making a visual difference in your bathroom remodel. Whether you are redoing the current paint in a similar shade, or picking an accent color to tie in details of your bathroom, make sure to use a mildew-resistant formula to protect your walls from the humidity of the bath or shower.

2) Update Hardware

Does your bathroom have outdated hardware that doesn’t match the aesthetic you’re going for? A great way to update the look of your bathroom is to swap out your drawer pulls to bar pulls, metal knobs, or even colorful ceramic knobs to match your decor.

3) Install Updated Lighting

Improve the look of your bathroom by swapping out old lighting fixtures with ones that better light up the room, and maybe even line the vanity mirror.

4) Update the Tub Deck

Replace tub deck saddle with black and white tiles by upgrading to white marble for a clean and classic modern look. For a few hundred dollars, this can make all of the visual difference in a lower budget bathroom remodel.

Looking to get started on your own bathroom renovations? Structura Remodeling will deliver your custom dream bathroom upgrade on schedule and on budget. Yes, we mean bringing fresh life to your overall home with high-end finishes and more. With bathroom remodeling, it is all about the quality detailing. If you are looking for the best and most cost-efficient Los Angeles based bathroom remodeling company that is reliable, professional, and a partner you can trust, your search is over! Call us today for a free estimate!

Call Structura, the top Interior remodeling company in Los Angeles, for a free in-home design session.

Whether you want a complete home remodel or want to refresh and modernize your Kitchen or Bath. We deliver top-quality artistry on time and within budget—no Hidden Surprises.0% financing on approved credit.

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Kitchen Remodeling

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Increase Your Home Value?

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Increase Your Home Value?

Remodeling your home’s kitchen is a great way to increase your property value as well as its functionality. All people in a home spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, eating and cooking meals while spending time with friends or family, leading it to be considered the heart of the home by many. A great kitchen makes all the difference to potential buyers and is worth the investment in terms of profit when you go to sell your home. Plus, there is the bonus of having a freshly remodeled kitchen to cook in up until you do decide to sell and move out. When contemplating a kitchen renovation, you need to think about design, function, and the layout of your kitchen. While staying in your budget, you can upgrade your plumbing, electrical, drywall and heating, windows, and doors, along with new appliances, cabinets, and flooring. Now is the time to think about what’s missing from your kitchen, if you need more preparation or storage space, if you’d like a more open floor plan, and the aesthetic style you have in mind.Structura Remodeling is here to help you make your kitchen dreams a reality, as one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in Los Angeles.

Expected Budget for Kitchen Remodel Los Angeles and Increased Resale Value

The budget for kitchen remodels ranges from $39,000 to $70,000. However, the cost of kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles varies depending on the specifics of each kitchen remodel. Are you simply going to update the cabinets and counters or are you going for a full kitchen renovation?

The Kitchen Design Team from Structura can meet with you to assess your project and work with you on the design details, such as quality and types of materials, cabinetry, and appliances. Their relationships with manufacturers and wholesale dealers will save you money. They do all the ordering and can pass those savings on to you! Additionally, the kitchen remodel contractors at Structura in the LA area can provide you with a complete, professional quote with no hidden surprises. Still, concerned about budget? We offer 0% financing on approved credit.

In terms of resale value, it is important to do a cost analysis to determine the benefit of your renovations to maximize your return on investment and added value. Staying within budget while adding significant value to the home is your best bet for recouping costs in the sale of your home. An updated kitchen can sell a home, while an outdated kitchen will often stand in the way of sales, so even a minor kitchen remodel can bring about results on the market. Modern kitchen remodels bring about this most interest to buyers in the current market, with about 80% of buyers noting that a newly finished kitchen is a very influencing factor when deciding to buy a home. Fortunately, kitchen remodels in the Pacific region including the Los Angeles area can expect to recoup about 93% of costs with their return on investment, as opposed to the national average of 68%.


1) Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing

Rather than entirely demolishing and replacing your kitchen cabinets, just refinish their wood or painted surface and replace their hardware handles. This is a great way to stay in budget while making a major change to the visual appearance of the kitchen as potential buyers walk in.

2) Updated Kitchen Countertops

Install quartz countertops. This upgrade will improve the look of your kitchen and add significant value to your home.

3) Updated Kitchen Countertops

A new tile backsplash with modern patterns and designs can make for a great accent piece in the kitchen to tie in the rest of your upgrades. Modern tile backsplashes of either more extravagant or toned-down styles can really class up the kitchen.

4) Updated Kitchen Countertops

Improving the functionality and abilities of your kitchen is a great way to attract new buyers. An updated oven, stovetop, fridge, microwave, and/or a dishwasher make it easier for buyers to envision easy cooking in the kitchen.

5) Updated Kitchen Countertops

Hanging ceiling lights, recessed lighting, and lights underneath the cabinets can make a big difference on the initial impact of the kitchen. Additionally, quality lighting that isn’t too bright or obnoxious can set the proper ambience for cooking food and dining in comfort.

6) Updated Kitchen Countertops

A new kitchen sink and faucet that has the right finish to match the rest of your kitchen will make all of the difference! Choose from a variety of sink styles and attachments to fit the needs of your kitchen. As a high-traffic area of your kitchen, with people frequently washing their hands or their dishes, a good sink is an important feature both aesthetically and functionally.

Contact Structura Remodeling for a Free Estimate!

When it comes to kitchen remodeling companies in Los Angeles, Structura Remodeling is as good as it gets! Structura’s Kitchen Contractors in Los Angeles provide all the expert craftsmen you need to get the job done professionally. Working with Structura’s Kitchen Design Team will make it simple to express your needs, desires, and design aesthetic. Using our kitchens 3-D design tools, see the kitchen renovation of your dreams come to life. Call today for a free customized estimate. Working with Structura’s kitchen design team and contractors is a stress-free experience from start to finish. We are kitchen renovation professionals and experts at what we do. If you live in the Los Angeles area and have been considering a kitchen remodel, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Home Remodeling

How to Avoid Making Interior Design Mistakes- Be Smart about the Trends

How to Avoid Making Interior Design Mistakes- Be Smart about the Trends

One thing that keeps Interior Remodeling Companies in Los Angeles very busy is redesigning our DYI project mistakes, our obsession with design trends that turn into design trends faux pas, and trends that last for only a season or two.

Just like high fashion, where elegant styles are timeless and can be worn and appreciated for many years, we can have a high-end, sleek home design with a fresh and timeless style w can enjoy for years—for example, an all-white marble tile bathroom.  You will never get tired of that classic look. If you want to change it up a bit, change the accessories, but the bones are solid.

On the other hand, think of fashion trends that flamed out in a season, and you would never be caught dead wearing again. For example, long-sleeved shirts with a bustier top over them or animal print everything!!!

Will we ever forgive ourselves for shag carpets and plastic-covered furniture?!!!


 The Secret to Good Interior Design- How to Stay Classy and Look Trendy

  • Use quality design materials as the foundation.
  • Save the trends for things that are easily changed or replaceable.
  • When you get bored or the design world has moved on, you can quickly move on by changing paint colors and accessories without tearing down walls or replacing fixtures.

Don’t Overuse a Design Element.

Have you heard the expression “too much of a good thing”? Apply that to design as well. Just because you love mid-century modern doesn’t mean that every single piece in your house should be from the ’50s or the ’60s.  Don’t listen to your mother,  the curtains, carpet, walls, and furniture do not need to be the same color. It’s like wearing all denim. You know better!!!

 Forget you ever learned the word “Shiplap.”

Teil the truth!!! Before Chip and Joanna Gains started renovating all of Texas with reclaimed Shiplap, had you ever heard of this wood before. Did you crave it? Did you dream about rooms in your house covered in reclaimed Shiplap? Since the Gains started promoting Shiplap on their show, there has been a 150% increase in the demand for this reclaimed wood.

Shiplap was not used for ships, as the name implies. It was primarily used for barns and sheds as inexpensive weatherproofing. The trend is now reversing as people tire of the dark wood. I think they finally realize it needs to go the way of the 50’s knotty pine paneling used in every finished basement and family room of that decade.  If you are still set on Shiplap, use discretion.   How about behind the television or an accent wall? According to Joanna Gains, it looks excellent painted a dark color.

Mid – Century Modern Mania

Interior remodeling companies in Los Angeles are overrun with requests to renovate Mid- Century Modern Homes. Los Angeles County has many great examples of the 50’s architectural style. Some have been perfectly preserved or renovated to preserve the integrity of the design. Design features like the unique window shapes, flat roofs, asymmetrical shapes, open floor plans, and the way the homes connect to the outdoor space and nature are very appealing.

We can celebrate the beauty of the design and brilliant architecture, but do you have to decorate with all things 50’s. This is the same interior design mistake that people make when they fall in love with a style or concept. If you appreciate antiques, does that mean your home has to be filled with antiques only? Have we not made anything of use or aesthetically appealing in the last two hundred plus years? I’m sorry, but those antique couches are not made to be sat on by twenty-first-century bodies. We are used to being comfortable, and we should have it.

To appreciate the

design aesthetic we are better off highlighting it with a few fantastic pieces instead of having people feel like they are entering a museum when they come to visit.

 Chalk Board Paint

Every DYI starting in 2016 show demonstrated how to organize your life by having a chalkboard painted wall. You could keep your grocery list up to date, track carpool schedules, or create that tavern, pub environment right in your own home. Use it to organize your office space or give the kids a wall to draw on in their rooms.   It turns out that it’s a lot harder than it looks to get that perfect chalkboard surface, and people actually don’t want their homes to look like a tavern. Interior remodeling companies in Los Angeles recommend updated technology- whiteboard wallpaper walls. Easier to apply and less messy. No soft chalk dust anywhere.

Wallpaper is Back in Style

Wallpaper is back in fashion, but not how we think about it remembering our grandmother’s house back in the day. We are not going back to complicated floral patterns in every room of the house. Think accent wall—a bold graphic print on a wall to break up a large room or highlight a specific space.

Again, technology has brought up some excellent decorating opportunities, offering temporary wallpaper. This is a boon to apartment renters. And just like a henna tattoo, when you get tired, you can remove it for those who are commitment-phobic.

Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete Counter Tops were trendy, with the HGTV Design Show starting about 2016. Concrete does have a great industrial look and offers some creative design options. The problem is that once you pour it, you can’t change your mind. The only way to remove it is with a jackhammer. It’s heavy and porous.  If not properly sealed and maintained, your countertops will stain.  Interior remodeling companies in Los Angeles say their clients are really done with concrete counters.

On Trend for 2022

Now that you know how to avoid critical interior design mistakes, it’s time to plan for your 2022 design projects. Work with a company that can keep your project on track, save you from the common DYI mistakes and deliver professional results. This is an investment in your home.  When it comes to interior renovation projects like bathroom, kitchen, office, or home additions, you want to work with the top Interior remodeling company in Los Angeles.

Call Structura, the top Interior remodeling company in Los Angeles, for a free in-home design session.

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Kitchen Remodeling

How To Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles?

How To Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles?

OK, it’s time to take that next step from dreaming about a new kitchen to making the project a reality. Have you been stalling on declaring “go time “because hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles seems like a more extensive project than living through the renovation????

I know we have all heard many crazy stories about all the things that could go wrong if you don’t hire the right contractor.  Don’t stress.  I’m writing this blog today to make sure that doesn’t happen.  If you follow the guidelines and do your homework, you most likely will end up with a beautiful kitchen and a new friendship with your contractor.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. So, whether you are looking to update your floors and cabinets or build your ultimate kitchen dream, you need a top professional for this project.

How To Hire a Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

It seems like a daunting task, but if you take the time to check qualifications, experience in kitchen remodeling, and references, you will be able to move forward with confidence.

Let’s get into the details.


A general contractor has experience with most aspects of home remodeling. A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor specializes in every part of kitchen remodeling, renovation, and additions.

Suppose your kitchen remodeling project is a new addition to the house that will include foundation work, exterior work, and kitchen interior. In that case, you might need to look for a general contractor with experience in all aspects of a renovation.  They should have significant kitchen remodeling experience.

Suppose you can find a contractor with a staff that includes the skillsets of electrical, plumbing, masonry, roofing, and the skills to complete the kitchen- flooring, tiling, custom counters, and cabinetry. In that case, they will have more control or the project’s timeline, quality, and costs.    Whether you hire a general contractor or a kitchen remodeling specialist, having the skillsets in-house is a plus to the project.

Kitchen remodeling specialists usually offer design services to help with the design aspects of your kitchen. This can save you from having to hire a separate kitchen designer.


It is critical to ensure that you are hiring a licensed and insured contractor. Make sure they have a state license. That guarantees that they have undergone rigorous testing and have the required skills to complete the job professionally.

Ask the contractor for their license number and certificate of insurance (COI). Follow up to verify that they are in good standing. Reach out to your state’s licensing board to confirm their license is active and up to date. Contact the insurance policy carrier to verify that the coverage is current.

Active professional association memberships add another layer of legitimacy to the contractor’s resume. Most members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), or National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) will promote these affiliations.

How to Hire a Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Start your research for a local contractor online. Check out Facebook, Yelp, and even community websites.  Services like Angie’s List, Houzz, HomeAdvisor.  Remember, some of these are paid advertising or have paid for positive reviews. Do your research as well.

Ask your realtor, neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers for referrals. See if they have someone that they are thrilled to recommend. Look for people in your community who recently have done a kitchen remodel and ask their opinion.

Remember to ask what made it a positive experience, how the contractor handled problems, and whether they would use the same contractor again?

Don’t forget to check the company’s ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Narrow your pool of candidates to the top three.

Prioritize your shortlist and reach out starting with your top candidate. Provide an overview of the project and any added services you’ll need, like architecture or design. Request their license and insurance credentials so that you can verify them before an in-home appointment.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Have you or your employees been certified in remodeling or had special training or education.
  • Who will be working on the project? Are they employees or subcontractors?
  • Do you have references from past projects that I can talk to?
  • How are the payment terms structured?
  • Do you provide guaranteed pricing or estimate?
  • How much should we put aside for contingency planning?

“One of the most important things to look for when shopping for a  kitchen design contractor  and designer  is somebody who listens  well and understands your porject needs.

Chemistry also weighs heavily into the selection of a contractor. You have to be able to trust the person you’re working with.

Check References.

Once a rapport has been established, ask to see some of the contractor’s projects. If they meet with approval, request references, and then call to verify them.

Get it in Writing.

After zeroing in on one contractor who seems right for the job, please look at the documents they have prepared for you. Do they look professional? Scrutinize the contract. Does it seem fair and balanced? Ensure that the written agreement includes a bid price and payment schedule, the scope of work, and a  site plan. There needs to be a list of crucial construction tasks, a change-order clause, a written procedural list for close-out. Also, look for an express limited warranty, a clause about dispute resolution, and a waiver of lien, which would prevent subcontractors and suppliers from putting a lien on a house should their invoices go unpaid by the contractor.

Go Time –   If you are satisfied with the:

  • The contracting process including the payment terms, contingency plans, and guarantees.
  • All the credentials checked out, and the references were strong.
  • Contractor and their team’s level of experience.
  • The contractor understands your vision, expectations, and you feel confident that you are on the same page to work together.

Then it’s Go Time. Great job!!! You chose your Los Angeles kitchen remodeling contractor like a pro.  Now it’s time to let the work begin and get ready for the fun stuff like shopping for your new appliances and fixtures.

When shopping for your Los Angeles kitchen remodeling contractor make reach out to Structura Remodeling company.  The top Kitchen Remodeling company in Los Angeles with more than sixteen years of experience.

Their Kitchen Design Team will meet with you for a Free In-Home Estimate to assess your project and collaborate with you on all aspects of the design. When your 3-D Computer Design is complete, you will be able to see exactly how your kitchen will turn out.

Whether you want a complete remodel including new flooring, electrical, plumbing, windows, and the best professional cookstove on the market, or are looking to refresh and modernize your kitchen, call Structura Kitchen Remodeling and design.  We deliver top-quality artistry on time and within budget—no Hidden Surprises.

0% financing. No down payment “0” is due at signing. No job to0 big or too small.

Call Structura today.  Start Living Your Dreams.

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Bathroom Remodeling

The top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2022

The top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2022

Are you planning for a bathroom remodel in 2022? Look for the most up-to-date, on-point, and upscale bathroom remodeling ideas.  Reaching out to the top design teams in Los Angeles, browsing the magazines, spending time on the popular home remodel and design websites, and watching the home remodeling shows are fun ways to collect creative and innovative bathroom remodeling ideas.

Before you start working with your contractor, it is essential to understand what design ideas are “must-haves” for you and how they will impact your budget.  Some of the design choices we share with you add great contemporary style and functionality and will not blow up your budget. Choosing innovative technology and green products may cost more upfront but save you money in the long run.

By 2022 we continue to see even more diversity in materials.  Reclaimed wood, stone, and natural features are even more popular this year.  You can create that outdoor spa feeling by bringing more nature and light into the bathroom. Some designers are creating a Japanese contemporary hybrid design focusing on nature and simplicity.

The contemporary industrial metal design esthetic focuses on updated bathroom technology while offering a high-end design and a simplified uncluttered space.

Have you thought of using a “wet room” approach?   In a wet room, you do not have to compartmentalize the wet areas. The tub, sink, and shower can all be within the same space, so you don’t have to build a separate shower area.  This style of the bathroom has a very open feel and is very easy to keep clean.

Another trend for 2022 is intricate tile designs.  They can be nostalgic and bring back the past’s color palette like baby blue and pink or all white. White is always in style. Using a variety of textures and tile designs can level up the wow factor.  If you get bored, then change your accessories and have an entirely new look.


  • Oversized tiles- Oversized tiles have overtaken the tiny mosaic tile frenzy this season. The selection of colors, textures, and designs is phenomenal. There are tile selections that even look like wood.  You can also go with a monochromatic look, creating a very edgy and modern feel for your bathroom remodel—the bonus of using larger tiles and less grout to keep clean.
  • Smart toilets– When the Covid Pandemic hit, there was a run on toilet paper. When people couldn’t find toilet paper, they started buying up all the bidets in stock.  This winter, the forecast is the same. Stores are already limiting the amount of toilet paper you can purchase.As part of your bathroom remodeling ideas, skip the bidet and go right to the Smart Toilet. Have all the benefits in one unit. Besides the  bidet feature, your smart toilets can have a self-closing lid, touch-free flushing, heated seat, and be self-cleaning. Now that is a smart idea!!!!
  • Dramatic stone countertops- most people, when undergoing a bathroom remodel, choose quartz for their countertops. And there are several great reasons why. Quartz is very durable, scratchproof, and creates an elegant finish .If you are looking for high drama and a unique finish, there are several other options. For high-end bathrooms, you can’t go wrong with Carrera Marble.  Just stunning, If you don’t mind a bit more maintenance, then Onyx is another attractive choice.  Elegant and timeless. Soapstone is also a popular choice that requires regular maintenance.
  • Modern Sinks and Taps– We have been seeing them in restaurants for years. More and more, they are showing up in home bathroom remodeling ideas. These basins, with their unique shapes, can be made from a variety of materials. Created from Metals, Ceramics, Stone, or Glass, many look like works of art.   The taps are part of the sink design.  You can choose wall-mounted faucets or traditional ones. Now there are automatic faucets for home use as well.
  • Floating vanities- To go along with the contemporary design of your new Floating vanities are fixtures that appear to “float” because they are mounted to the wall and do not sit on the floor at all. This modern design will make any bathroom feel more open and lighter.   Floating vanities come in various lengths and materials, including wood finishes or a modern gloss design. The design provides maximum counter space in either single or double sink options.  If you are considering a floating vanity, remember to find out the weight limit and be sure to get it professionally installed.

As you continue to explore your options, spend some time investigating the bathroom fixture showrooms for inspiration. Also, speak to neighbors and local realtors about what’s hot in bathroom remodeling ideas and what’s selling in your area. A bathroom renovation is also an investment in your home.  When it’s time to sell, your bathroom renovation will be a key selling feature and make your home highly desirable. Buyers expect an updated bathroom and  you will appreciate the return on investment.

Next, you need to identify the professional design team and contractor to make your vision a reality. Structura was nominated as the top bathroom remodeling and design firm in your Los Angeles neighborhood for over sixteen years.

Their clients say that the Structura team of contractors are true artisans and deliver on every detail.   They deliver on what they promise and are so easy to communicate with. They finished on time and budget. They can order everything you need to complete your bathroom renovation through their many industry relationships while passing their wholesales discounts along to you.   Structura saves you time and money.

Call today to schedule a free in-home or virtual video consultation. The Structura Design Team will work with you to turn your bathroom remodeling ideas

along with their design expertise into a 3-D vision and deliver your dream bathroom renovation.  “0” money down and “0” interest financing.

If you can dream it, we can build it!

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Home Remodeling

Types of House Additions to Add More Square Footage

Types of House Additions to Add More Square Footage

The real estate market in Southern California has gone totally nuts. We have seen a year-over-year price gain of 22.1%. Demand is high. Mortgage rates are still low, and there is very little inventory out there.

Have you heard all these crazy stories about bidding wars? Houses often have twenty to thirty bids. People are paying thousands of dollars above the asking price to secure their deal. Agents’ and buyers’ stress levels are through the roof!!!

If you don’t think you have the physical or emotional stamina for this market, you are not alone. More people are choosing to stay put and renovate their homes. Home additions are a practical and cost-effective solution to your additional space needs.

The benefits include creating a customized space that meets your needs while adding value to your home and future sales potential. A home addition saves you the stress of fighting for a property that you probably will have to update anyway.

Now would be a great time to investigate a house addition before you jump into the housing market. You will be pleasantly surprised at the options to upgrade your space and the affordability of the projects.


Finish Your Basement

A finished basement is the easiest way to increase the livable square footage in your home. A basement is perfect for a small apartment and can create rental income or use the space for taking care of aging family members. Maybe you want to expand your living space to include a home theater or family game area. There is nothing better than sending the kids downstairs while you enjoy some peace and alone time in your own home.

When working with your Los Angeles contractor, remember that you must have an emergency exit to add a bedroom to the basement. That can be a backyard walk-out or an accessible emergency window. Most realtors feel a finished basement will return at least 70% of the investment. That does not include the value of all the joy from using the space.

An Attached Garage Can Make a Great Extra Room

If you are okay with parking your cars elsewhere, consider turning your garage into additional usable square footage for a living. Take the time to clear out the junk, and in return, you will gain a great space for a home gym, a guest bedroom, art studio, or craft room. Depending on the configuration of your home, you can even use the space to expand your kitchen. Add an island, dining area, or great room with a vaulted ceiling. You can get really creative with this space. Work with a design firm that has experience in great ideas for house additions to add more square footage and see their best suggestions for your space and your needs. You should expect to recapture about 80% return on your investment.

Another Way to Repurpose Your Space- Build a Room Over the Garage

Novels romanticize living in the apartment over the garage. It sounds like the perfect spot to write your great American novel or house the kids when they return from college. You could also turn it into a rental property or use it as guest quarters if your zoning allows.

Garage additions require some specific additional materials. Adding the new roof, vapor barrios to protect from car fumes, and fireproof drywall will be a bit more expensive than a traditional addition. Still, if you plan to use it as a rental unit, you can easily make your money back, add value to your property and create a consistent cash income.

Second Story Additions add Maximum Square Footage.

Second-story ideas for house additions can more than double the square footage of your home. It also adds significant value to your home’s future selling price. Before you begin a project like this, check with a realtor to see what your home would be valued if you go ahead with the home addition. You don’t want to be the priciest house in the area when it comes time to sell.

If this is your forever home, skip this step and hire a top Los Angeles contractor and design team. You may also want to work with an architect. Your team will ensure that your home’s foundation and structure are designed to handle a second-story addition. They might have to build some additional support structures into the plan.

Change the Porch into a Sunroom

There is nothing more relaxing than spending time on the front porch. Why not make it a year-round pleasure by turning your porch into an enclosed sunroom? For your porch to be considered as interior square footage, it needs to have heating and be accessible from the inside of your home.

If this is your front porch, it will add some interesting architectural detail to your home and create a very welcoming feeling. If this is your back porch, the enclosed space will add a great seating area to spend time in nature, appreciate your garden and the ever-changing seasons.

Finish the Attic

Popular ideas for house addition increasing square footage is a finished attic. Attics are versatile spaces and can add a lot of valuable space to your home. Whether you need a home office, a guest bedroom, crafting studio, or a place to run your home-based business, consider an attic addition.

Before you get started, you want to make sure your space meets the following requirement. If it doesn’t have at least a seven-foot ceiling and access to the stairway, it might be too costly a direction to go. If you meet these requirements, work with your local Los Angeles contractor to create an interesting and valuable addition. Enjoy your attic retreat!


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Since the pandemic, we have been cooking more, working from home, zoom schooling, and entertaining our family and friends at home. We need a kitchen that works well for our multi-tasking lifestyle. Building your dream kitchen is worth every penny. Buyers appreciate a beautiful, renovated kitchen. You will receive the highest return on your investment by adding a kitchen addition.

Whether you are going big with a complete addition or a smaller bump-out addition, adding a walk-in pantry, laundry/mudroom, or a dining area, both will add value to your house and enjoyment to the room where you spend most of your time.

Spend some time looking at 2021 ideas for room addition, in magazines, and in the kitchen showrooms. You will be amazed at the choices of cabinets, fixtures, flooring, findings, and countertops to choose from.

Spa Bathroom Addition

There is nothing more satisfying than a new bathroom addition. We are getting more and more tech-savvy in the bathroom. Do you dream about a large walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead, a steam option, your favorite music playing, and lights that adjust by voice command? Add to that a separate deep soaking tub to get rid of all the aches and pains, plus heated floors and a towel rack to complete the bathing experience—finally, the perfect lighting for all your grooming needs.

Every home buyer will agree that they are looking for a gorgeous master bath along with an updated kitchen. And they will pay extra for it. Bathroom house additions to add more square footage are not only popular but expected. Using odd spaces to add another half bath or powder room is also a great idea. Don’t be afraid to go all out. You will get your money back for providing that kind of value.

The cost of a house addition to adding more square footage in Los Angeles is based on the specific project you are contracting for.

Here are some of the items to consider:
  • The total square footage of the home addition.
  • What systems are being upgraded?
  • Are you replacing kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, windows, and doors as part of your home remodeling or garage conversion?

Structura’s team, comprised of interior designers and home remodeling contractors in Los Angeles,

will meet with you to listen to your specific needs and design ideas for the project. They will provide an in-depth analysis of the costs and a complete 3-D design for your approval. Their design ideas and contributions to your home renovation will enhance your build and save your money while honoring the project’s scope.

Structura has been the top Los Angeles home addition company for more than sixteen years. Their experience, knowledge, and partnerships will save you time and money. They order direct from the manufacturers, wholesalers and pass those savings along to you. They also have a team of skilled craftsmen to customize your build with the expertise and artistry you crave.

Call Structura today for a FREE in-home quote. Work with the best home remodeling company in Los Angeles.

They will deliver your project with all the quality and high-end finishes you expect on time, on budget, giving you peace of mind. Ask about our 0 down 0 due at signing financing.
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Bathroom Remodeling

Fantastic Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Families

Fantastic Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Families


Summer is over, and those lazy days at the beach are being replaced by getting ready for back to school. August is the time for clothes shopping, new backpacks, lunch boxes, and fresh back-to-school haircuts. It’s incredible how much the kids grow over the summer. Do you get nostalgic looking back at all the first day of school photos? Where did the time go?!!!

If you have a large family, then you probably have spent hours negotiating bathroom schedules. You become the drill sergeant about showering schedules and time the morning routine down to the milli- second. Besides dreaming about a few more moments of sleep each day and noise-canceling headsets to block the sounds of family disputes, you long for a solution to ending the struggles around the morning bathroom routine.

You may not have space to add another bathroom, but you can make the one you have way more functional for your brood. All it takes is some creativity and a conversation with a bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles.

Instead of having to line up in the morning, here are some suggestions to transform your bathroom into the type of workable space you crave. We included ways to create more privacy, storage and make the space you have more functional.

When you speak to your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, bring this list of bathroom design ideas and see how you can incorporate them into a bathroom renovation that your large family will love.

Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Families from Your Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Get Rid of Your Old Sink.

Have you been putting up with a single small basin? Replace your old pedestal sink with a double sink or a trendy trough. Make room for multiple tooth brushers, and face washers while adding enough storage space to give each child a draw.

White, ebony, and grey are the most popular bathroom vanity colors. If you want to make your bathroom look more spacious, choose a bright white vanity. Open bottom vanities are trending now. They give the bathroom a spa-like look, great towel storage, or space for individual baskets of toiletries.

Bring Back the Dressing Table/Vanity

Problem-You have a house full of teens all trying to get dressed and out at the same time. Are they lined up at the mirror fighting over the hairdryer and trying to get their make-up done?

Solution – Take that traffic out of the bathroom and back into their rooms. Build a make-up station into a closet or buy a separate vanity with mirror and storage draws so your teens can get ready while freeing up necessary bathroom time. An added bonus is that they have additional storage space and hopefully can keep their rooms tidy.

Enclose Your Toilet

One of the simplest ways to increase the workability of your bathroom is by building an enclosure for your toilet. By closing off the toilet, other people can come and go as needed. Separating the toilet will double your bathroom efficiency schedule when trying to move your crew out in the morning.

If you are remodeling your toilet area, consider a wall-mounted toilet. A standard toilet is 14 to 15 inches high from the finished floor to the top of the bowl (excluding the fold-down seat). Consider a higher measurement of 16 to 18 inches for your wall-mounted toilet if you plan on aging into your golden years.

Shower Privacy.

Glass-enclosed shower stalls continue to be a prevalent trend. They give the bathroom a very spacious and spa-like look. They may not be efficient for big families. The see-through glass offers no privacy and limits the use of the bathroom when someone is showering. It may not be as sexy, but in terms of functionality, you would be better off choosing a traditional shower/tub combo with an opaque curtain instead.

If you consider replacing your shower with a shower/ tub combo, investigate the biggest tub option for your bathroom space. If you can install an oversized tub, you can bathe multiple children simultaneously and then enjoy some grown-up bath time later on. Maybe you can reclaim some of that spa experience!

Create a Storage Strategy

Storage is the key to staying organized. It is so important when you are planning a bathroom remodel to have a storage strategy. Add as much storage as possible. Here are some tips from the pros on adding additional storage for your brood and being creative in the process. Consult with your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles for some great suggestions.

  • Add wall-mounted cabinets- don’t sacrifice floor space and double your storage.
  • Use awkward spaces – If you have unused nooks, open the wall and add floating shelves. Consult with your bathroom remodeling contractor to find creative ways to use the space.
  • Assign specific color storage boxes for each member of the family. Make the bathroom easy to organize, and there will be no excuses for the kids not picking up after themselves.
  • Use a ladder rack for towel storage. Ladders don’t take up much room and add an architectural look to the bathroom.
  • Hanging bar- Hang a combination of storage baskets, towels, and your hairdryer for a quirky and practical look.
  • Install a medicine cabinet- they are convenient and much more modern these days.
  • Tall, narrow cabinets for practical storage that doesn’t take up necessary space

Choose the Right Surfaces for Maximum Wear

It is crucial to choose suitable materials for a high traffic area and rate high for durability. You want surfaces that are easy to maintain and that are easy to wipe clean. If you are on a budget, the best choice is a one-piece laminate surround shower tub combo. To create a more upscale look, choose a tile with epoxy grout.

Flooring should be vinyl or laminate for minimal wear and tear. There are so many beautiful choices with vinyl these days. For a higher-end finish, choose a tile that doesn’t have a high gloss finish. Bathroom safety is important to consider.

Create a Better Bathroom Traffic Flow.

Sometimes the bathroom floor plan is to blame for functionality issues. Speak with your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles about redesigning the traffic flow in your bathroom. Sometimes repositioning the toilet, sink, and shower can give you much more needed floor space.

Save Time and Go Low Maintenance

The time we have with our families is precious. Who wants to spend valuable time cleaning the bathroom? If time, functionality, and durability are important to you, choose top-end acrylic bathroom furnishings. Acrylic s resist mold, prevent mildew, and don’t need grout. Simple to clean and maintain. Will stand up to your extensive family needs.

The final strategy is patience. Your children will eventually grow up, leave home, and leave the bathroom to you 😊!!!
Get started planning your new bathroom remodel today and start enjoying beautiful, Los Angeles stress- free back to school mornings with your family soon.
Reach out to Structura Remodeling and design Company,
Structura is the top Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling company with more than sixteen years of experience.

Structura’s clients say that the Structura contractors are true artisans and deliver on every detail. They deliver on what they promise and are so easy to communicate with. They finished on time and budget.
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Kitchen Remodeling

Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations Design Ideas by Renowned Contractors

Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations Design Ideas by Renowned Contractors

One of the good things that came out of the pandemic is our upgraded cooking skills. Being on lockdown with all our favorite cooking shows and plenty of time to dream about our first post-pandemic meal inspired us to cook. And that’s what we did!!! We became bakers. Did everyone you know learn how to bake sourdough bread this year.

The adventurous among us learned the science behind sauces and the nuances of working with flavors and seasonings. The rest of us got into a routine of cooking fan-favorite comfort foods.

We devoured everything from homemade mac and chess, your mom’s meatloaf, to your favorite ethnic foods. We searched down family recipes with the zeal of academic historians, cooked together on zoom, and planted summer herb gardens to supply us with our favorite herbs and spices.

The kitchen became our own “Grand Central Station, “the true hub of our lives. We cook and share meals with family and friends. We attend zoom school and office meetings and gather for family puzzles or game night. Maybe your favorite time in the kitchen is late at night when you can enjoy some quiet time with a cup of tea or hot cocoa before bed.

If you feel the need to renovate or upgrade your kitchen now that you are using it for more than reheating takeout, you are not alone. With interest rates still favorable, homeowners are reaching out to kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles and researching kitchen remodeling and renovations ideas by renowned contractors. We have researched the top Los Angels Design Ideas from our favorite Kitchen Remodeling Contractors, Los Angeles, for you.


Create a Workspace by adding a Kitchen Island

When you watch cooking shows, they provide the contestants with a perfectly set up workspace cooking island. The range top, oven, dishwasher, microwave, sink and counter prep space are all on one island. There is even extra storage space. Adding a workspace/kitchen island to your kitchen will make you fast and efficient. Make sure you have plenty of prep space for chopping, mixing, and kneading. Cleanup will be quick. And keeping your kitchen neat will be a breeze. You will be ready to serve your guests and make it all look easy.

Kitchen Cabinet Update

If your cabinets are in good shape but feel like they need an upgrade or color update, try painting them and replacing the hardware with a more contemporary look. The kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles we consulted suggested that you stick to neutral tones or a bright white for a clean, sophisticated look. Take a trip to your favorite kitchen supply store and hunt out the perfect hardware. Bring a few choices home and see what you fall in love with. The new fresh color with new handles and pulls will feel like a new kitchen. Enjoy adding some unique accents, towels, plants. Candles, etc., and enjoy your remodel.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Nothing feels better in a kitchen than new appliances. One of the most popular kitchen updates is installing new energy-efficient appliances, such as a new range, a microwave, an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator, and a water-saving dishwasher. Not only will your new appliance update the look of your kitchen, save you money and time, but they are way more fun to use.

With innovative technology features and artificial intelligence, your appliances will interact with each other. The refrigerator will regulate the temperature and keep your food fresher longer. You can have your refrigerator update your grocery list, choose a recipe, and go online to place an order for any missing ingredients. The fridge can also communicate to your smart stove to start preheating for the recipe you choose, just a few of the things to look forward to.

Focus on Fabulous New Flooring

When redoing your kitchen, focus on some fabulous new flooring. Your kitchen remodeling contractor can guide you through the many choices now available-from hardwoods to tiles and stones, bamboo, and green alternatives. There is now vinyl that looks so much like stone, tile, or wood they can surprise anyone. One of the most important things to remember when creating an open floor plan is to choose the flooring that works throughout the connected rooms. This will give you the expansive feeling that you are looking for.

If you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-clean option and love the traditional appeal of hardwoods, consider a wood-look alternative, such as vinyl. Designer tip- also use on the wall as a rustic backsplash.

Design your own coffee shop /cozy hangout

When you work with your kitchen remodeling contractor in LA, see if you have the space to create a cozy hangout. A corner of the kitchen where you can hang out on your laptop by day and with your family at night for long dinners and endless conversation. Build in a booth, add some benches, and include plenty of comfy pillows and cushions. Sit down with your morning coffee, and you will never want to leave.

Fashion Forward with a New Backsplash

One of the best ways to update your kitchen is to redo the backsplash. As soon as you enter the kitchen, it grabs your attention lets you display your creativity and design talents. When we interviewed the kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles about the lasted design ideas and trends for kitchens, they recommended these hot trends-

  • Subway tiles are trendy right now, and you can custom design your own pattern.
  • Shiplap -for that cozy farmhouse look
  • Patterned tile- gives your kitchen a very bold and European look.
  • Mosaic- large tiles and bold patterns create drama.
  • Wallpaper- for endless patterns.
  • Glass Backsplashes- are more popular than ever. Easy to understand why. Sparkly and gorgeous

Countertops that Rock

Most kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles concur that countertop choice is crucial for your kitchen design and remodel. Take the time to do your research to find the perfect countertop fit for your kitchen style, functionality, and budget.

  • Quartz is a non-scratch and very easy to maintain surface
  • Granite will give you the one-of-a-kind custom look. Each slab is unique.
  • Solid surface countertops are an affordable and practical option. Made from nonporous acrylic, solid surface countertops are easy to clean and resist stains and bacteria
  • Laminate offers an easy and low-maintenance option for your busy kitchen. It’s also the most affordable countertop type. You can find endless color choices.
  • Butcher Block counters are a great, environmentally friendly choice for non-prep areas. Use them for dining spaces. These countertops look more and more beautiful with age.

Update your Kitchen by Using Open Shelving

Completely change the look of your kitchen by taking down the upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving. Create architectural interest. Show off your new gorgeous backsplash and highlight your favorite art pieces

Whether you are looking for a complete renovation or to renovate an aspect of your kitchen, reach out to the top kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. Structura kitchen remodeling and Renovations Design.

Now is the perfect time to connect with Structura Home Remodeling and Design Team. They are the top kitchen remodeling company in the Los Angeles area.
No job is too big or too small. Structura’s clients say that the Structura contractors are true artisans and deliver on every detail. Call today to schedule a free in-home or virtual video consultation.

The Structura Design Team will turn your creative ideas into a 3-D vision and deliver on your dream kitchen.

If you can dream it, we can build it!

Call Structura today for a free in-home design estimate or a virtual video design estimate.
Structura Remodeling and Design- tops in Los Angeles. No job too big or too small. Let us design and build the home improvement and backyard patio ideas you have chosen to increase your home value.

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Bathroom Remodeling

How to choose between a walk-in shower vs. tub

How to choose between a walk-in shower vs. tub


It’s finally time to start planning your bathroom remodel. The number one question people have is how do I choose between a new walk-in shower vs. tub? There are many ways to answer this question.

Let’s get into the issues between a walk-in shower vs. tub:

  • Is this your forever home? – If you are planning to age in place, then you need to consider your safety first. Safety is your number one priority. Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. According to the National Council on Aging, one in four Americans over 65 falls each year. Up to 80 % of falls of people sixty-five or older occur in the bathroom.
  • Most caregivers and facilities agree that a walk-in shower with a non-slip mat, a shower seat, safety bars, and a handheld shower is key to preventing falls. They are also more accessible for people in wheelchairs.
  • If you have a young family, you will probably want one bathroom with a tub. If your second bathroom has a tub, you can preserve that tub for the kids. Then you are free to create the master bathroom of your dreams. If you always wanted a luxurious walk-in shower, then go for it. When you go to sell, all your bases are covered.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The average bathroom is 40 square feet, and a standard tub takes up 13- 15 square feet. That doesn’t leave a generous amount of open floor space. If you want to create a relaxing, spa-like environment, then preserve as much space as possible for amenities such as a double sink and extra storage space.

If you have a smaller bathroom, around 32 square feet, you may want to stick with a shower. The footprint of a shower is approximately 9 square feet. The extra percentage of open floor space will make a big difference in the functionality and overall experience of your renovated bathroom.

Walk-in showers and tubs come with many types of amenities these days. It doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice to give up a tub when you can have a walk-in show with a rainforest shower experience, multiple showerheads or jets, a steam function, and smart technology to play your favorite music or listen to your morning news programs.

Who Is Using This Bathroom?

It pays to think about practical issues when planning your bathroom remodel. Who is using this bathroom? Do you have young children or teens? Children grow up quickly. If you don’t want to spend time arguing with your smelly teens about cleanliness, make it easy for them to jump in and out of the walk-in shower after their soccer games or skateboarding sessions. Also, what is going to be easiest for you to keep clean?

Is this bathroom for guests, aging parents, or in a spare room that you Airbnb? If so, you probably want a walk-in shower to suit most people and be equipped with safety features and handicap-accessible. If you have the luxury of space to consider both a walk-in shower and a stand-alone tub, well, that is the best of both worlds.

If it’s just you and your partner to consider, then start with your needs and desires. Do you have room for both a stand-alone bath and a walk-in shower? Are your shower people or bath people? Check out the design magazines and a few bathroom showrooms to get familiar with all the fantastic options.

What’s Your Budget?

An average price for a lower-end bathroom remodeling works out to be between $12,000 and $15,000. Also, remember that costs equate to square footage for both labor and materials. That’s why there is a price difference between remodeling your master bath vs. your half bath.

If your renovation budget is more flexible, there are some things that you can achieve within the mid-range bathroom remodel. The average estimate for a mid-range bathroom remodel is approximately $22,000 to $30,000. Some of the differences you’ll see with a renovation at this price point are wood cabinetry, up-leveled shower fixtures, and the opportunity to play with more variety of titles and stones for counters, flooring, and showers.

If you’re ready to invest in creating the bathroom of your dreams, you may find yourself in the higher-end budget for the cost of your bathroom remodel. The average estimate for a high-end bathroom renovation is between $55,000 and $75,000.


According to the industry standards, the average cost of a tub plus installation is $400 to $8,000, compared to an average of $400 to $10,000 to build a walk-in shower.

The wide range in pricing is dependent on your choice of either a simple basic prefab shower or, on the higher end, a custom walk-in shower with all the bells and whistles, the same with the bath pricing. The starting price is for a simple basic bath. The higher pricing is for a spa tub with lots of options and technology.

While it may seem that the walk-in show is prohibitively more expensive, there are a few things to consider before making your selection.

A water-saving showerhead will save you money on your water bill. The average shower only uses 17 gallons compared to the average bath’s 24. Over time the cost savings of the shower will add up. Keep more money in your pocket and conserve precious water.


Check with the realtors in your neighborhood. Upgraded bathrooms with walk-in showers are very on-trend for 2021. According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, 51 percent of home buyers expect a full bathroom to mean one with a tub.

Remodeling Magazine estimated that bathroom remodels that included a porcelain tub yielded an ROI of 70.1 percent, whereas a remodel that featured a curbless walk-in shower produced a 70.6 percent ROI.

When it comes to adding value to your home, the number to focus on is that bathroom remodel can increase resale value by 20 percent. Potential buyers do demand an updated bathroom.

Consider Structura Remodeling, the top Los Angeles Bathroom Renovation Company. With more than sixteen years of experience serving the Los Angeles Community.

Taking advantage of a complimentary in-home consultation is a wonderful way to receive an estimate for your bathroom remodel while also creating a 3D design.

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Remember, no job is too small or too big for Structural Remodeling, and we’re happy to answer any questions about your Los Angeles bathroom renovation.

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