Kitchen Remodeling

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Design

March 17, 2020

Maximize your space! Add an outdoor kitchen to your Los Angeles home

While the team at Structura Remodeling continues to serve the Los Angeles area with creative and professional remodeling services, we’ve also been paying close attention to trends within general contracting. Now, with Summer approaching…tis the season of the epic BBQ, and the perfect time to discuss one of those general contracting trends. Did you know you couldmaximize your living space by adding an outdoor kitchen?

When it comes to Los Angeles renovation projects, we find that many clients weigh their options between expanding their current living space with a home addition vs. adding an outdoor kitchen design. I’m sure you can imagine that adding an outdoor kitchen is much less of an investment than an addition to your home…but, there is more than just the benefit of saving on your estimate. Outdoor kitchen designs allow you to incorporate style, design, and convenience into your backyard.

Here are a few pro-tips about what to expect with an outdoor kitchen design:

  • Custom outdoor kitchens might consist of wine chillers, under-counter refrigerators, pizza ovens, wet bars, fireplaces, side burners, smokers, warming drawers and even roasting spits.
  • Not much space is needed to install an outdoor kitchen, the space just needs to be functional for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing.
  • Something to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen is the proximity to the indoor one.The more convenient this kitchen is to your indoor one, the less travel for items such as seasonings, utensils, dinnerware and food items.
  • Also, having an attached, covered outdoor kitchen can extend the length of time you can use this new food preparation and serving area.

When it comes to your outdoor kitchen remodeling project, lighting is just as important for making a mark in your outdoor space as it is when setting the tone for your indoor space. The ambiance is great, of course, but safety should be your top prioritywhen it comes to lighting around an outdoor kitchen.

Here are a few suggestions when looking at lighting for your outdoor kitchen design:

  • Brighten areas where cooking.
  • Pathways should be well-lit.
  • Your outdoor lounge and dining areas should have adjustable lighting.

During your outdoor kitchen design project, you’ll want to careful in selecting your materials. This is something that your general contractor should help you with. However, we wanted to offer another remodeling pro-tip when selecting your materials.

Here are the top materials to use for your outdoor countertops:

  • Granite. Granite is probably the best choice for outdoor kitchen countertops.
  • Next on the list would be Soapstone. Soapstone is another natural material that can be used outdoors.
  • Tile. Tile is a good choice for outdoor use as well, especial in warmer climates.
  • Concrete. Concrete countertops would be another great option for your outdoor kitchen. Not only are they on-trend with 2020 kitchen designs in Los Angeles but, also great with the weather.

When it comes to your remodeling project remember that no job is ever too small. We invite you to take advantage of a compliment in-home consultation. Having our team by for a consultation is a wonderful way to receive an estimate for your outdoor kitchen while also creating a 3D design. Remember, together with Structural Remodeling we can dream…design and build. We’re happy to answer any questions about your Los Angeles outdoor kitchen renovation.

Home Remodeling

Top Home Design Trends of 2020

Top Home Design Trends of 2020

March 12, 2020

The hippest design trends in general contracting for 2020

It’s a New Year! Did you know that 2020 has a theme? That’s right 2020 is all about clarity of vision. Now, as a general contractor serving the Los Angeles area our job is to keep you in the know. We have spent some time exploring the latest design trends of 2020 and have some great items to share that will level-up your living space.

1. Built-In Storage: Transform your Master Bedroom into a Master Suite

Bedroom into a Master Suite

What you see here in this Los Angeles master bedroom remodel is built-in storage that has it all…style and function. The finish applied on this hand-built custom storage unit adds a natural pop to this serene space. The unit also does a great job of leading your eye into the newly remodeled master bathroom.

2. Arches: Open the space in your kitchen

space in your kitchen

It’s incredible how much an archway can open living space. Here you’re seeing this design trend represented within a newly remodeled Los Angeles kitchen.This Greek-inspired design trend is all the rage for 2020 general contractors in Los Angeles. If you want to experiment with your living space first, before making structural changes try an archway shaped mirror in the space to see how that shifts the lines of the room design.

3. Accent Tiles: Make an impact

Tiles Make an impact

The tile trend is going strong in 2020. Here we’ve dove into a newly renovated bathroomin Santa Monica. Notice the tie in between the tile behind the mirror and the tile wall…. creates unity and impact all at the same time. You easily renovate a living space by working with accent tile. As expert general contracts in Los Angeles, we have worked tile into many designs including kitchen remodels, room additions, fireplaces, accent walls, and garage conversions. Play with tile and add an explosive pop to your design.

4. Open Air: bring the outdoors indoors

bring the outdoors indoors

A timeless design trend that is certainly continuing to expand in 2020 is outdoor living spaces. You can dramatically expand your home by properly utilizing your property. Here you’ll see an example of a cozy outdoor living room in Los Angeles.Whether it’s a patio remodel, adding a deck, converting your garage or building a sunroom California living is the perfect match for open air.

Hopefully, you found these pro-tips to be helpful when looking into the latest and design trends. Another design that is currently trending within Los Angeles based general contractors is modern wood paneling. Just recently while attending a contractor’s convention in Las Vegas we found some incredible material that we’ll be including in our upcoming 3D designs…stay tuned, and if you’d like to take advantage of having a member of the Structura Remodeling team join you for a free in-house consultation feel invited to get in touch with us today! No job is too small, and no remodeling dream is too big!