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The Top Reasons Why A Recession is The Perfect Time to Renovate Your Home

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I know this might seem crazy but, a financial recession or downturn in the economy is the perfect time for you to start a home remodeling project in Los Angeles. This might sound counter intuitive. But, for so many people, this is the right time to act and invest in your homes' future. ...And here is why. The Top Reasons to Renovate Your Los Angeles Home During [...]

Home Improvement Projects To Do This Summer

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Spring arrives and you start dreaming of Summer trips to the beach and BBQs in the back yard. As you survey your Los Angeles outdoor space you start to make a mental list of all the projects that need to get done. The roof was a little leaky this winter and as a Los Angeles homeowner you may have been putting off these repairs. The deck is [...]

How to Safely Live in Your Los Angeles Home During A Major Renovation Project

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Ok, the contract for your LA Home Renovation project is signed…and your General Contractor is ready to begin. That means the plans are in place and you have made the decision to weather the dust storms, the noise, and experience living in your home during the stages of your upcoming renovation project. You will need to know what to expect, how you can keep your family safe, [...]