18 Tips for Finding a Room Additions Contractor For Your Home Addition

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Remodeling your home by expanding your space with additions is a very exciting but nerve-wracking process. Of course, you want to find a good contractor who can be trusted, can operate within your budget, and can construct to code. Remodeling your home is a serious investment, so you want to make sure you are hiring a reliable contractor who can bring you the best quality on schedule [...]

4 Bathroom Renovations That Cost between $19K-35K

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How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your bathroom? Well, if you notice any cracked or missing tiles, the toilet is slow and making gurgling noises, and the lighting in the shower is darker than you’d like, it means you are in need of a bathroom renovation. Not sure what a good budget for such a project is? With $19k-35k, you should have enough to [...]

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Increase Your Home Value?

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Remodeling your home’s kitchen is a great way to increase your property value as well as its functionality. All people in a home spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, eating and cooking meals while spending time with friends or family, leading it to be considered the heart of the home by many. A great kitchen makes all the difference to potential buyers and is [...]

How to Avoid Making Interior Design Mistakes- Be Smart about the Trends

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One thing that keeps Interior Remodeling Companies in Los Angeles very busy is redesigning our DYI project mistakes, our obsession with design trends that turn into design trends faux pas, and trends that last for only a season or two. Just like high fashion, where elegant styles are timeless and can be worn and appreciated for many years, we can have a high-end, sleek home design [...]

How To Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles?

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OK, it’s time to take that next step from dreaming about a new kitchen to making the project a reality. Have you been stalling on declaring "go time "because hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles seems like a more extensive project than living through the renovation???? I know we have all heard many crazy stories about all the things that could go wrong if [...]

The top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for 2022

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Are you planning for a bathroom remodel in 2022? Look for the most up-to-date, on-point, and upscale bathroom remodeling ideas.  Reaching out to the top design teams in Los Angeles, browsing the magazines, spending time on the popular home remodel and design websites, and watching the home remodeling shows are fun ways to collect creative and innovative bathroom remodeling ideas. Before you start working with your contractor, [...]

Types of House Additions to Add More Square Footage

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The real estate market in Southern California has gone totally nuts. We have seen a year-over-year price gain of 22.1%. Demand is high. Mortgage rates are still low, and there is very little inventory out there. Have you heard all these crazy stories about bidding wars? Houses often have twenty to thirty bids. People are paying thousands of dollars above the asking price to secure their deal. [...]

Fantastic Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Families

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Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Families from Your Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Summer is over, and those lazy days at the beach are being replaced by getting ready for back to school. August is the time for clothes shopping, new backpacks, lunch boxes, and fresh back-to-school haircuts. It's incredible how much the kids grow over the summer. Do you get nostalgic looking back at all [...]

Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations Design Ideas by Renowned Contractors

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One of the good things that came out of the pandemic is our upgraded cooking skills. Being on lockdown with all our favorite cooking shows and plenty of time to dream about our first post-pandemic meal inspired us to cook. And that’s what we did!!! We became bakers. Did everyone you know learn how to bake sourdough bread this year. The adventurous among us learned the science [...]

How to choose between a walk-in shower vs. tub

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Planning your Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel It's finally time to start planning your bathroom remodel. The number one question people have is how do I choose between a new walk-in shower vs. tub? There are many ways to answer this question. Let’s get into the issues between a walk-in shower vs. tub: Is this your forever home? – If you are planning to age in place, [...]