Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas in Los Angeles

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You are clearit’s time for a bathroom shower remodel for your Los Angeles Home. Where do you begin your research? With so many gorgeous and dramatic options to choose from, how will you know the right bathroom shower remodel idea for you and your family? Start with a few clarifying questions to help identify your personal bathroom shower remodel needs? 1. Does the bathtub stay or go? [...]

14 Home Improvement Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home.

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You have decided that 2021 is the year that you brave the housing market and upgrade to a new home. What we are reading about real estate trends right now is a little scary. The housing market is looking like the Wild West. It is a sellers' market… that’s good news. For the buyers …not so good. Houses with multiple offers are often selling above their original [...]

8 Steps to Budgeting your Kitchen Remodel in Los Angeles.

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Budgeting Kitchen Remodel Have you been putting off your kitchen remodel for years because it seems too overwhelming just to get started? Many of the homeowners we speak to in the Los Angeles area have that concern. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting you started on planning and budgeting for your kitchen remodel. These simple steps will give you the confidence to move forward and take [...]

The Average Kitchen Remodel Costs in Los Angeles

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It’s been about a year since the Covid -19 Pandemic has forced us indoors. Our kitchens have done double time duty. Three meals plus snacks a day, zoom school, and office hours. All the things that don’t work about your kitchen are now front and center every day, driving you crazy. It is time to find the right Kitchen Contractor in Los Angeles and get this [...]

Project Reveal: Bathroom Remodeling in Arcadia

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The homeowner contracted with us for a bathroom renovation. She was ready to take care of theissues that needed addressing. Therewas water damage to the flooring and walls from several old leaks. This bathroom remodeling in Arcadia required structural repairs as well as a total makeover. The Structura Bathroom Renovation Team began with the demolition. After identifying the source of the leaks and assessing the [...]

Project Reveal: Bathroom Remodeling in Santa Monica

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Our Client was ready for a bathroom remodeling in Santa Monica. It had gotten to the point where they could no longer use the bathroom. It was in such disarray. The thought of going through a Bathroom Renovation for their Santa Monica home was daunting. They had specific ideas that were going to be challenging to implement in the space they had. One of the [...]

Project Reveal: Bathroom Remodeling in Culver City

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Our client, a retired school teacher, realized it was time to remodeling her Culver City bathroom as part of her plan to age in place.Time to finally get rid of the old step-up tub. The bathroom was dated and ready for a remodel. She was excited to work with the Structura Design Team and loved the details and design options suggested. Our design team took a [...]

Kitchen design ideas 2021 – Los Angeles… What’s Trending?

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2021 is an exciting year for Kitchen Design and Renovation. Are you thinking about a full kitchen remodel? or looking for ways to update your current kitchen design? We have some beautiful trends from the Kitchen Designers that will absolutely inspire you. We are spending more time at home these days. Our kitchens are beginning to strain with the demands of eating, working, and relaxing all in [...]

Deck Trends in Los Angeles for 2021

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We think it's safe to acknowledge that we are happy to say goodbye to 2020. Celebrating the holidays under lockdown in Los Angeles will take some imagination and creativity. These times are forcing us to create new holiday family traditions while staying home. Take time to celebrate your accomplishments for the year. Our homes have become the number one priority as we are spending more and more [...]

Bathroom Design Trends in Los Angeles for 2021

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There are so many exciting options to consider when renovating your bathroom. We are going to be looking at the trends for 2021 in color and design, tiles, lighting, appliances, and design aesthetics. If you have been putting off your bathroom remodeling project in Los Angeles, now is the time to get started. So, let's dive in. The Top Five Bathroom Color Trends for 2021 The top [...]