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Things to Consider Before Building or Renovating an Outdoor Deck

Things to Consider Before Building or Renovating an Outdoor Deck

February 28, 2022

After what felt like an endless winter, spring finally has arrived, and people are craving time in the outdoors. The National Parks are booking up quickly for camping reservations. After a year of staying at home, Californians are on the move. According to Fromm, the top 10 nature destinations in California are:

  • Redwood National and State Parks
  • Point Reyes National
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Mount Shasta
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Big Sur
  • Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
  • Channel Islands National Park
  • Joshua Tree National Park
  • Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

You could follow the crowds and head out to the parks, or you could stay at home and create your own natural wonder in your very own backyard. Build or renovate your deck. Add an outdoor kitchen, a hot tub, or a cowboy pool to soak in. Create the perfect outdoor kitchen and BBQ up a storm. Instead of one week in the park, you will get to enjoy your remodeled outdoor deck all year long.

Double the size of your living space by bringing the outdoors into your indoor experience. There are endless deck renovation ideas. Ask your deck renovation contractor to create a platform garden to grow your herbs and greens right outside your kitchen door. Add a fire pit for gathering the family for evenings of stargazing, storytelling, and smores.

Plan a swimming pool deck remodel. Turn your old swimming pool into an oasis that rivals any Five Star Resort. Decking renovations come in many sizes and shapes.


The average cost of a outdoor deck renovation in the USA will run from $14,000- $100,000+ for a complex pool and spa design.

According to Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value report, a composite deck returns 66.8% of the cost, while a wood deck brings a resale value of 72.1%. Deck remodels with all the bells and whistles, similar to an outdoor entertainment areas, can range up to 2,000 square feet in Los Angeles.

However, they generally remain between 200 and 400 square feet. Deck sizes in downtown L.A. tend to be smaller but are higher and have multiple levels. Costs can range from $40,000 to $60,000 for a new decking but increase with extra features. For example, when the deck extends and includes more significant amenities, like a swimming pool, costs range between $100,000 to $150,000.


  • Best time to build- if you live in an area that experiences frost, you need to wait for spring when the ground thaws. The alternative is to dig the holes for the footers before the frost, and then you can work around the weather.
  • Type of deck- will it be a fixed deck, floating deck, or attached deck? – Floating or freestanding decks are at ground level. Attached or fixed decks require special footings, use guards and handrails, and connect to the home. Because this deck design is complex, most homeowners will hire a deck renovation to build.
  • Return on investment- Consult a Los Angeles realtor in your area and determine what buyers are investing in. How much will this improve the value of your home when it’s time to sell? What deck renovations are popular in your neighborhood? Visit a few open houses before you hire a deck renovation contractor.


Pressure-treated lumber is the most common material used in the lower structural part of the deck construction. Many great options are popular today for finishing the top area of your deck.

  1. Composites: Most composite materials are made of recycled plastics and wood fibers. Wood composite is a good material due to its softness underfoot and durability. Wood composite decks do not need staining or sealing, either initially or at any point in their lifespan. Composites’ colors can fade over time, especially in sunnier areas. While composites are low-maintenance, they are not maintenance-free. Like other decking materials, you must periodically clean composite wood of moss, mold, and mildew, especially if the deck is in the shade.
  2. Fiberglass: Fiberglass is a popular option. It can be painted or stained, and it lasts forever.” Slip-resistant fiberglass panels overlap to form a continuous solid surface, which is beneficial when decking over a lower area needs to stay dry. Fiberglass deck panels do not rot, rust, or harbor mildew, making this material ideal for high-moisture conditions.
  3. Tropical hardwoods: Ipe and tigerwood are two common species of tropical hardwoods used for decking materials. These dense woods are difficult to cut and drill, but their density means that the deck’s longevity will beat that of pressure-treated lumber, redwood, and cedar. Although they are expensive, tropical hardwoods help both the deck and the home maintain value over the years, even into resale.
  4. Redwood and cedar: Redwood and cedar are softwood, mainly sourced from western states. These materials are a good compromise between expensive tropical hardwoods and pressure-treated wood. These kinds of wood are imbued with natural tannins and oils and do not require chemical preservatives.
  5. Pressure-treated wood: The most economical choice is pressure-treated wood. Southern yellow pine, which is pressure-injected with chemicals that help the wood resist rot and wood-boring insects, is popular. One disadvantage to pressure-treated wood decking is that the wood splinters easily and isn’t safe for walking on with bare feet. Be sure always to coat pressure-treated deck materials on top to extend their durability. Pressure-treated wood has become less popular for upper deck materials, though it is used for the lower structure.

When planning to renovate your deck consult your contractor for deck renovation ideas that would work with your space. Ultimately you want to create a deck that flows like an extension of your interior space, giving you the ability to bring the outdoors in.Create an expansive feel for your home.

If you want to be on-trend, on budget, and a stress-free experience, contact Structura Home and Deck remodeling, the top builder and designer for deck renovation in Los Angeles.

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Backyard patio ideas for 2021

Backyard patio ideas for 2021

We finally made it through the winter. Have you gone out and looked at your backyard recently? Now is the perfect time to start your backyard cleanup and prepare for a summer of entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the fine art of “grilling and chilling.”
Your backyard patio is the center of those activities, whether it surrounds a pool, has a view of your garden, or maybe focuses on the skyline of your city. Your backyard patio is precious space, even if it’s only big enough for two chairs a small table. This space is your true private oasis. Does it feel inviting, or is it time to remodel your backyard patio?

Backyard Patio Ideas For 2021 Focus On Simple, Functional Upgrades That Will Create The Perfect Outdoor Oasis No Matter Where You Live.


Choose your Table Theme.

Start with your backyard patio table. It will be the central focus of the space. Create the theme for your backyard space by choosing a table that enhances the area and is a statement of your aesthetic. Do you love a rustic style? Choose a wooden picnic table.
Are you more clean lines and elegant?
An outdoor glass and metal table with black and white cushioned chairs might be perfect for setting the backdrop for your laid-back summer retreat. Maybe you are more into a beachfront theme to match your ocean view or a table that reminds you of your trip to Tuscany and your fantasy of living in an Italian villa.
Make sure that the size of the table enhances your space and serves your entertaining needs.

Backyard Patio Lighting

Dramatic lighting can turn an ordinary backyard patio into a romantic fantasy or a delightful nighttime hideaway. Try stringing fairy lights in the surrounding trees and across your patio. For more practical lighting, try stringing Edison bulbs. They provide quite a bit of light and give a sophisticated look to your space. For your backyard patio, anything goes when it comes to lighting. Tikki torches, metal lanterns, and candlelight will get the job done. If you have been creative about lighting your patio, it will become a well-used evening destination for family and friends.

Refresh Your Landscaping

Upgrade your backyard patio ideas by refreshing your landscape design around the patio. Add a pop of color to your garden and matching cushions—the trend for 2021 is deep rich shades of yellow, orange, bright greens. Including natural elements in your patio design creates a relaxing atmosphere. Of course, pinks, whites, purples, and deep shades of red add drama to your garden and your backyard patio. Adding a water feature will attract the birds and add some architectural interest. There is nothing more soothing to the soul than the sound of water gently flowing.

Firepits and Fire Features

Adding a fire pit as a focal element can add drama and style to your backyard patio. Draw people out for an evening around the fire, whether it’s a fantastic summer evening enjoying the last remnants of a late sunset or the end of fall, stretching our outdoor time before hibernating for the winter. Your friends and family will love the hypnotic effect of the fire. Coveting the cozy warmth of the embers, sharing stories, and a glass of wine or hot cocoa will bring back some happy childhood memories. Don’t forget to stock up on the ingredients for the Smore’s.

Poolside Patio

A poolside patio will finish your pool into the perfect backyard patio oasis.

Backyard Patio Ideas, 21 | Design And Build the Home Improvement Ideas

Backyard Patio Ideas, 21 | Design And Build the Home Improvement Ideas

Upgrade your entire backyard with a new poolside patio. This new patio creates a sense of peaceful elegance. Functional and glamorous. The patio and pool complete the foundation of a great entertainment area. Change the look with some additional greenery, new pillows, and don’t forget the pool floats.

Use your outdoor backyard patio space well.

Even if you only have room for a café table and chairs, create an intimate space for sharing your morning coffee, settling in with a good book, or gazing at the moon with a glass of champagne. It is essential for our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being to spend time out in nature. Take advantage of those moments for self-care and reflection. You deserve it!!!

Are you looking for a contractor to renovate your backyard patio in Los Angeles.? Call on Structura remodeling and design. They are the top contractors in Los Angeles County. Let them turn your backyard patio into the oasis of your dreams.

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Deck Trends in Los Angeles for 2021

Deck Trends in Los Angeles for 2021

We think it’s safe to acknowledge that we are happy to say goodbye to 2020. Celebrating the holidays under lockdown in Los Angeles will take some imagination and creativity. These times are forcing us to create new holiday family traditions while staying home.
Take time to celebrate your accomplishments for the year.
Our homes have become the number one priority as we are spending more and more time indoors. Since we are working, going to school, relaxing, exercising, dining, and playing at home, our spaces are overused. It feels like our homes are shrinking. Families are looking at how to redesign and repurpose living space. A great way to add space to your Los Angeles home is with a deck renovation or deck addition.



Deck colors for 2021 still include the most popular deck shades of light, medium and dark grey. Also, White Cedar, English Walnut. Dark Hickory, and Tiger Wood. There is a finish to match everyone’s style and taste, from contemporary to super rustic. Bamboo and recycled woods are also an option.


Composite board has become very popular for building decks. It can be formulated to look like the most popular woods and comes in any color you wish, plus it lasts up to 25 years. It is much lower maintenance than real wood.
It does not require sanding and re-staining. Ecco friendly. To maintain your new deck, scrub with soap and water a few times a year, and you are good to go. Some HOA’s are insisting that you build your deck with a Composite board, feeling it’s safer.
If you do want a traditional wood deck, consider using locally sourced woods for your deck design. On the West Coast, Cedar and Redwood are popular and available. They will stand up to the weather. Another popular option is IPE Brazilian Hardwood, known for its beauty and resilience. Tigerwood is perfect for adding to the design of your deck.


Your Deck Designers will work with you to make the best use of your outdoor space. The options are endless. Start with a simple dining deck dining area to a full outdoor living environment. Make the most of your outdoor living space, imagination, and budget.
Think about how you can extend your indoor living space to the outdoors by adding a fireplace or a fire pit. How about a beautiful water feature to add flow and tranquility to the environment? Consider built-in furniture to create a sleek, contemporary design. It will give you more seating options and storage space.
Television and sound system. Yes, please! The ultimate luxury is installing an Outdoor Kitchen. Great for family BBQs and make your own Pizza night. Also convenient for preparing and canning all the beautiful fruits and vegetables right from your garden.


Check with your Deck Renovation experts to see if there are railing packages that go with your decking. The premade railing will save you money and is easier to install. Adding different levels to your deck will help define the use of the space. Having stairs that take you from one level to the next adds great design interest and flow. If you have a raised deck, remember to make the most of the underneath space as well.


Adding a deck garden by including potted plants, hanging plants, or wall-mounted boxes is an easy way to grow your vegetables and flowers while adding color, fragrance, and interest to your deck design. There are so many options from practical easy grow cactus plants to exotic orchids. If you don’t consider yourself to have a green thumb, this is an easy way to start. Look for a few low maintenance plants that will thrive in the sun and dry climate of Los Angeles.


Every deck should have a shade option customized to the needs of your property. Work with your deck contractors in Los Angeles on your shade needs. Practical and On Trend for 2021- are retractable shades, sun sails in endless beautiful colors, large umbrellas, custom pergolas, and gazebos, screened-in porches, and don’t forget to add ceiling fans.


Think about lighting as both practical and sexy. You want the lighting to set the mood. Stair lights will keep you safe and have a great glow. Think of places where you can use up lighting to set the mood. Deck Designers love statement chandeliers, twinkle lights in the trees, and stringing bulb lights for a dramatic effect. When working on your design, make sure you have a plan for the lighting, so your deck remodeling company includes the necessary electric outlets.


The Trend for 2021 is beautiful privacy. Build into your deck design a customized plan for privacy. Privacy fencing can add a tremendous amount of architectural detail, a backdrop for hanging plants, and a modern creative edge to your design, both practical and pleasing. We all want more peace and privacy to add to the tranquility of your environment.


Ultimately the Trend for Decks in 2021 is creative customization of your personal outdoor space. Design that incorporates the beauty of the surrounding nature, with seamless integration of the inside living environment and the outside space. Creating a sense of openness, flow, and tranquility with a practical, functional living space, adding to the overall enjoyment of your home.
Whether you are starting from scratch with a new deck addition or renovating your deck, reach out to the top Deck Contractors in Los Angeles. The experts at Structura Remodeling are the most recommended deck remodeling company in Los Angeles. Their Deck designer and Deck addition contractors will work with you to design and deliver the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Call Today 1800-922-4613 for a free in-home estimate and design session. Give your family a wonderful holiday gift. By Springtime, you will be enjoying your new expanded deck and outdoor living space.
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Exterior paint colors for 2020

Exterior paint colors for 2020

April 15, 2020

Here’s how exterior paint colors up-level your home!

Ready…set…renovate! It’s amazing the way that a fresh coat of paint can transform your Los Angeles home. Whether your planning to paint your exterior or interior space we have got some insight on the paint color trends for 2020.

Before we dive into the top trending exterior paint colors, we wanted to share helpful information about exterior paint color schemes.

-Ideally, an exterior paint scheme should have three major parts: A field color that dominates; an accent color that brings shutters, doors, and other smaller parts to life; and the trim color. Once you have chosen a unique and appealing combination of field and trim, make it stand out with an eye-catching accent color Color Exterior Here’s a great example of creating that exterior paint color scheme. Notice in the after picture the way that the accent color pops around the archways of the windows.

Ready for your Pro-tip? Here’s a list of the popular exterior paint colors for 2020:

  • The top choice is Gray. Gray is currently trending as the most popular paint color for both exterior painting and interior painting projects.
  • Next is Beige. A great way to stay neutral with your paint colors. Beige is also popular for both exterior and interior painting.
  • Now, let’s talk about Brown. An Earth tone Brown is a great choice for your exterior painting project. Still keeping to that neutral paint color trend.
  • Keeping with the natural Earth tones next up we have Green. Depending on the intensity you choose Green can be natural and a great choice for both interior and exterior painting projects.
  • Final on the list we have Navy Blue. Navy Blue is, of course, less of a natural color however it makes a very regal impact for curb appeal.

Make sure you look to your general contractor to provide you with a proper estimate as well as suggestions as to what would be the best exterior paint color for your Los Angeles home.

Let your unique style shine through!

Let’s unpack another interesting trend. Despite all we hear about the value of a fresh coat of paint to raise a property’s resale price, only 4% of homeowners paint for that reason. Most Los Angeles homeowners paint their homes because they want took create a different look, pure and simple. Since painting is one method that is recommended for making your home look more luxurious and paint can quickly transform a tired-looking room, it makes sense that many homeowners want to use exterior paint to update their spaces. So, the main reason homeowners decide to paint is a personal preference rather than external factors, such as increasing the value of a house or preparing it for resale.

For some Los Angeles homeowners, the idea of investing out of pocket into exterior painting or renovation projects may not seem like a possibility. Keep in mind that with Structura Remodeling no job is too small and there is always an opportunity to apply for financing. With over 16 years of industry experience, Structura Remodeling is here to help you dream…design…and build your perfect Los Angeles home. We offer free consultations and 3-D renders of your dream renovation projects.