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4 Bathroom Renovations That Cost between $19K-35K

4 Bathroom Renovations That Cost between $19K-35K

February 28, 2022

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your bathroom? Well, if you notice any cracked or missing tiles, the toilet is slow and making gurgling noises, and the lighting in the shower is darker than you’d like, it means you are in need of a bathroom renovation. Not sure what a good budget for such a project is? With $19k-35k, you should have enough to cover most of your renovation costs, including the materials, installation, and labor for a new toilet, sink, vanity, fixtures, tiles, flooring, and lighting. Of course you may want to leave a little wiggle room in your budget for extra plumbing, electrical, or layout changes that would increase your project cost. Now all you need is a trusted renovation contractor based in Los Angeles, which is where Structura Remodeling can help. Whatever your remodeling ideas and dreams are, Structura Remodeling will help you to make them come true. Refresh the look of your bathroom whether it’s outdated and old or you simply don’t like what the previous homeowners did, all while staying in budget.


1) Bathroom Remodel in Beverly Hills, CA

Another example of bathroom renovations took place in a Beverly Hills apartment. Sticking to a $22K budget, a gray, visually coarse porcelain tile along the floor and vanity wall was installed. Replacing the sink with a new vanity for a raised basin sink, the team was able to achieve a much more modern look.As a last touch, the team installed a larger mirrored medicine cabinet, glass shower door, slim toilet, brushed nickel fixtures, and a light above the vanity.

2) Bathroom Remodel Los Angeles, CA

To modernize a master bath, the budget was $19k. To open up the space, the standing shower was removed and an open shower stall fitted with a glass door was installed. The beige vanity was removed and replaced it with a customized wooden table fitted with a marble countertop. To provide more storage, two medicine cabinets were installed side by side. The bathroom renovations were finished with the installation of a new toilet and fixtures for functionality and black hexagon tile floor with white floor-to-ceiling subway tile.

3) Bathroom Remodel in Santa Monica, CA

A bathroom remodel using stained limestone for a budget of $32k. To create more storage space, a custom vanity with unique drawer configurations was installed. This decrease visual clutter by hiding a small trash can. A marble tile was picked with a cube effect for the floor and beveled subway tile lined the walls. Without replacing the tub or sink, the renovation was completed with a new sink, countertop and lighting fixture. Working within the budget, the team was able to maximize the space and accomplish a neat, uncluttered bathroom style.

4) Bathroom Remodel in Westminster, CA

Within a 20k budget, a new bathroom renovation in Westminster started with removing theold tile and carpet. The cramped shower with a leaky door was removed. The team put a door in to separate the bathroom and bedroom where there wasn’t one before. A larger shower with a glass door, subway tile, and bench were installed. The team then replaced the countertops with marble and finished off the details of the bathroom with gold accents and a white, gray, slate, and blue color palette.

Here are Some Tips for Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom:

1) Paint Your Bathroom

A new coat of paint can do wonders in making a visual difference in your bathroom remodel. Whether you are redoing the current paint in a similar shade, or picking an accent color to tie in details of your bathroom, make sure to use a mildew-resistant formula to protect your walls from the humidity of the bath or shower.

2) Update Hardware

Does your bathroom have outdated hardware that doesn’t match the aesthetic you’re going for? A great way to update the look of your bathroom is to swap out your drawer pulls to bar pulls, metal knobs, or even colorful ceramic knobs to match your decor.

3) Install Updated Lighting

Improve the look of your bathroom by swapping out old lighting fixtures with ones that better light up the room, and maybe even line the vanity mirror.

4) Update the Tub Deck

Replace tub deck saddle with black and white tiles by upgrading to white marble for a clean and classic modern look. For a few hundred dollars, this can make all of the visual difference in a lower budget bathroom remodel.

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