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Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas in Los Angeles

Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas in Los Angeles

February 28, 2022

You are clearit’s time for a bathroom shower remodel for your Los Angeles Home. Where do you begin your research? With so many gorgeous and dramatic options to choose from, how will you know the right bathroom shower remodel idea for you and your family?

Start with a few clarifying questions to help identify your personal bathroom shower remodel needs?

1. Does the bathtub stay or go?
2. Do you want a stand-alone tub and separate shower?
3. Do you want to incorporate a new tub with a shower?
4. Do you want an open or enclosed shower area?
5. Do you want built-in shower storage for all your grooming supplies?
6. Does it need to be handicapped accessible and include seating with grab bars?
7. Are you looking for a super sleek and modern design?
8. Are you interested in incorporating more natural materials into the design?
9. Are you open to adding additional space, glass walls, or raising the ceiling as part of the design?
10. Do you have small children to accommodate, or are you planning to age in place?

We are going to walk you through some wonderful design choices and options. Hopefully, these designs will spark your bathroom shower remodel ideas so that when you hire your contractor, you have clarity about where to begin.
After answering the questions and going through the examples, visit a few showrooms to check out all the wonderful fixtures and options.

1. Transparent Partial Glass Wall- with a sleek new bathtub and a partial clear glass wall, this blue and white nautical-themed bathroom appears more spacious, elegant, and peaceful. The owners wanted to keep their tub and give the bathroom and more open and lighter feeling.

2. Here is an example of a stand – alone tub and separate shower. Using one tile throughout the bathroom creates the illusion of more space. The seamless glass shower doors are open to the ceiling creating more airflow and taking advantage of the ceiling height. This sparse space has a timeless and restful vibe.

3. Great county cottage design. The wooden cabinets add a richness and timeless look to this cosey country look. The clawfoot tub is everything you need for a good long soak. The design in the tiles and the “old metal” sinks complete the design. Come for a weekend and stay forever!

4. Black and white subway tile with black accents is the perfect timeless bath and shower decor. The black trim on the shower door frame ties in the tile and the tub with the sink’s fixtures. The shape of the tub, along with the top-mounted faucets, are the thoughtful details that make this bathroom a design success. Simple and yet so effective. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Another bath and show remodel idea for the books.

5. No doubt about what this Los Angeles Bathroom space is designed for. A tub-shower room. It is a perfect place for steaming and soaking in seclusion or large enough to invite your partner to join in. The large tiles make it easy to keep clean. This bath shower remodel idea has created a new favorite room for the homeowners.

6. Bringing in natural light and a light breeze brings new energy to this bathroom shower remodel. Adding a glass wall or opaque glass door will open up space, allow you to connect with nature while enjoying your rain shower. The long bench looks elegant and servers as a great safety feature., Large marble tiles make cleaning a snap. Small-tiled texture flooring is a great additional safety feature for the shower. This bathroom is a breath of fresh air!!!

7. A bold pattern gets the job done for this Bathroom shower remodel in Los Angeles. One step up to the open shower tub area, trimmed in matching black. The black fixtures completing the bold design. The area still looks open as spacious. The designer made great use of the space, creating privacy for the tub area—lots of storage space, great lighting. Less is more in this wonderful optical illusion created by the show-stopping tile.

8.Don’t forget the recessed shelving for all your bath supplies. Keeps everything within easy reach and organized. You will never have to jump out of the shower again because you forgot your conditioner or the exfoliant. It’s also a great way to add a pop of color or your own personal flair to the tile design.

Hopefully, these examples inspired your creative design ideas. Now that you are ready to start your own Bathroom Shower Remodel Project, your next step is finding the perfect contractor for the job.

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