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Types of House Additions to Add More Square Footage

Types of House Additions to Add More Square Footage

February 28, 2022

The real estate market in Southern California has gone totally nuts. We have seen a year-over-year price gain of 22.1%. Demand is high. Mortgage rates are still low, and there is very little inventory out there.

Have you heard all these crazy stories about bidding wars? Houses often have twenty to thirty bids. People are paying thousands of dollars above the asking price to secure their deal. Agents’ and buyers’ stress levels are through the roof!!!

If you don’t think you have the physical or emotional stamina for this market, you are not alone. More people are choosing to stay put and renovate their homes. Home additions are a practical and cost-effective solution to your additional space needs.

The benefits include creating a customized space that meets your needs while adding value to your home and future sales potential. A home addition saves you the stress of fighting for a property that you probably will have to update anyway.

Now would be a great time to investigate a house addition before you jump into the housing market. You will be pleasantly surprised at the options to upgrade your space and the affordability of the projects.


Finish Your Basement

A finished basement is the easiest way to increase the livable square footage in your home. A basement is perfect for a small apartment and can create rental income or use the space for taking care of aging family members. Maybe you want to expand your living space to include a home theater or family game area. There is nothing better than sending the kids downstairs while you enjoy some peace and alone time in your own home.

When working with your Los Angeles contractor, remember that you must have an emergency exit to add a bedroom to the basement. That can be a backyard walk-out or an accessible emergency window. Most realtors feel a finished basement will return at least 70% of the investment. That does not include the value of all the joy from using the space.

An Attached Garage Can Make a Great Extra Room

If you are okay with parking your cars elsewhere, consider turning your garage into additional usable square footage for a living. Take the time to clear out the junk, and in return, you will gain a great space for a home gym, a guest bedroom, art studio, or craft room. Depending on the configuration of your home, you can even use the space to expand your kitchen. Add an island, dining area, or great room with a vaulted ceiling. You can get really creative with this space. Work with a design firm that has experience in great ideas for house additions to add more square footage and see their best suggestions for your space and your needs. You should expect to recapture about 80% return on your investment.

Another Way to Repurpose Your Space- Build a Room Over the Garage

Novels romanticize living in the apartment over the garage. It sounds like the perfect spot to write your great American novel or house the kids when they return from college. You could also turn it into a rental property or use it as guest quarters if your zoning allows.

Garage additions require some specific additional materials. Adding the new roof, vapor barrios to protect from car fumes, and fireproof drywall will be a bit more expensive than a traditional addition. Still, if you plan to use it as a rental unit, you can easily make your money back, add value to your property and create a consistent cash income.

Second Story Additions add Maximum Square Footage.

Second-story ideas for house additions can more than double the square footage of your home. It also adds significant value to your home’s future selling price. Before you begin a project like this, check with a realtor to see what your home would be valued if you go ahead with the home addition. You don’t want to be the priciest house in the area when it comes time to sell.

If this is your forever home, skip this step and hire a top Los Angeles contractor and design team. You may also want to work with an architect. Your team will ensure that your home’s foundation and structure are designed to handle a second-story addition. They might have to build some additional support structures into the plan.

Change the Porch into a Sunroom

There is nothing more relaxing than spending time on the front porch. Why not make it a year-round pleasure by turning your porch into an enclosed sunroom? For your porch to be considered as interior square footage, it needs to have heating and be accessible from the inside of your home.

If this is your front porch, it will add some interesting architectural detail to your home and create a very welcoming feeling. If this is your back porch, the enclosed space will add a great seating area to spend time in nature, appreciate your garden and the ever-changing seasons.

Finish the Attic

Popular ideas for house addition increasing square footage is a finished attic. Attics are versatile spaces and can add a lot of valuable space to your home. Whether you need a home office, a guest bedroom, crafting studio, or a place to run your home-based business, consider an attic addition.

Before you get started, you want to make sure your space meets the following requirement. If it doesn’t have at least a seven-foot ceiling and access to the stairway, it might be too costly a direction to go. If you meet these requirements, work with your local Los Angeles contractor to create an interesting and valuable addition. Enjoy your attic retreat!


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Since the pandemic, we have been cooking more, working from home, zoom schooling, and entertaining our family and friends at home. We need a kitchen that works well for our multi-tasking lifestyle. Building your dream kitchen is worth every penny. Buyers appreciate a beautiful, renovated kitchen. You will receive the highest return on your investment by adding a kitchen addition.

Whether you are going big with a complete addition or a smaller bump-out addition, adding a walk-in pantry, laundry/mudroom, or a dining area, both will add value to your house and enjoyment to the room where you spend most of your time.

Spend some time looking at 2021 ideas for room addition, in magazines, and in the kitchen showrooms. You will be amazed at the choices of cabinets, fixtures, flooring, findings, and countertops to choose from.

Spa Bathroom Addition

There is nothing more satisfying than a new bathroom addition. We are getting more and more tech-savvy in the bathroom. Do you dream about a large walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead, a steam option, your favorite music playing, and lights that adjust by voice command? Add to that a separate deep soaking tub to get rid of all the aches and pains, plus heated floors and a towel rack to complete the bathing experience—finally, the perfect lighting for all your grooming needs.

Every home buyer will agree that they are looking for a gorgeous master bath along with an updated kitchen. And they will pay extra for it. Bathroom house additions to add more square footage are not only popular but expected. Using odd spaces to add another half bath or powder room is also a great idea. Don’t be afraid to go all out. You will get your money back for providing that kind of value.

The cost of a house addition to adding more square footage in Los Angeles is based on the specific project you are contracting for.

Here are some of the items to consider:
  • The total square footage of the home addition.
  • What systems are being upgraded?
  • Are you replacing kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, windows, and doors as part of your home remodeling or garage conversion?

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