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Garage Conversion Ideas in Los Angeles 2021

Garage Conversion Ideas in Los Angeles 2021

February 28, 2022

Have you been priced out of the crazy Los Angeles real estate market, but you crave more space? Have you been planning your future and thinking you need an income property or a granny flat for your aging parents? These are some of the issue’s homeowners are dealing with these days,

But there is Good News

The city of Los Angeles has recently relaxed the laws and regulations around building ADUs.
An ADU is an accessory dwelling unit or additional dwelling unit built on your property. The official names for granny flats, garage conversions, or home additions separate from the main dwelling.

Whether you want more space for your family or starting a business from home, one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to do that is with a garage conversion.


  • Convert your garage into a dual-purpose pool house and guest house. This way, you will have an extra bathroom and kitchen out by the pool and also a place for your weekend guests away from the house. Great for when the kids come home from college. It will keep your peace and sanity. It can become a rental or granny flat as your needs shift. Well worth the investment.
  • Convert your garage into your ultimate office space. Whether you’ve decided you are never going back to an office again or it’s time to start your own business, make your vision a reality with this cost-effective solution. In your retirement years, you can repurpose it as your writer’s studio or for your artistic projects.
  • Convert your garage into a home theatre and family room. If you can’t imagine going back to your local movie theatre, create your own. A big screen, surround sound, comfy reclining chairs, and your own private stocked concession stand complete with a popcorn maker.
  • Some of the best garage conversion ideas I have seen are adding creative living space to the overall home by taking down the garage and building a two-story addition in its place. Some include an apartment and additional living space or a soaring two-story open plan kitchen. If you can dream it, your garage conversion contractor can build it.

You will want to discuss your garage conversion ideas with a local architect who can draw the plans for you and submit them to the city building department. It is essential to get everything permitted for your safety and the future sale of your property.

If your garage conversion ideas include building an addition to your garage, there are a few more things to consider. A single-story addition to the garage or a second story built over the garage will require meeting different city requirements. If the expansion is over 500 square feet, you may be required to meet the low-impact development requirements. Your architect and your city building department will be able to guide you.

While waiting for the permits to come through, take your garage conversion ideas and interview several Los Angeles general contractors. You want to hire someone local. Make sure they are licensed and that they are active on the state licensing board’s website. Make sure that they have up-to-date active insurance and experience building ADUs in your community. This way, they are familiar with all the regulations for your town. You can also check their online reviews and ask for references.

Now that your garage conversion ideas have been converted into your designer’s plan and you have hired your licensed Los Angeles general contractor, it is time to focus on the renovation details.

Before your L.A. contractor can give you a final bid, you will need to make decisions about electrical, lighting, plumbing, HVAC. These items are not part of the plan submitted to the city building department.

For example:

  • Your electrical needs- Where do you want the light switches, outlets, and lighting fixtures? How many in total? Where will the electrical panel be located, and what are your needs?
  • Your plumbing needs- What type of hot water heater? Are you going with the new tankless design, and will it be gas or electric?
  • Your HVAC needs- do you want a whole HVAC system, or do you want a small ‘ductless’ unit? The ductless unit will be less expensive but cover a smaller area,

In your original garage conversion ideas, I’m sure you included all the bells and whistles, but then there is the reality of the budget. Here are some examples of areas where you can decide that you want to invest or go for savings.

  • How much do you want to invest in a new driveway and landscaping?
  • Will you invest extra for vaulted ceilings?
  • Is it critical to level a sloping garage floor?
  • Do you need to paint the exterior of your garage conversion?
  • Do you want to spend it on a bathtub or just a shower?
  • Will your kitchen include prefab cabinets or custom?

Sometimes you must decide to spend on issues that will not add visible value but are essential structural items. For example, do you need a new roof, or do you wait? Some things can’t be put off, like repairing termite damage or water damage. Pay now or pay later? What are the best options?

The more you can plan, the fewer surprises there will be for the budget and the project timeline.

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