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How to Avoid Making Interior Design Mistakes- Be Smart about the Trends

How to Avoid Making Interior Design Mistakes- Be Smart about the Trends

February 28, 2022

One thing that keeps Interior Remodeling Companies in Los Angeles very busy is redesigning our DYI project mistakes, our obsession with design trends that turn into design trends faux pas, and trends that last for only a season or two.

Just like high fashion, where elegant styles are timeless and can be worn and appreciated for many years, we can have a high-end, sleek home design with a fresh and timeless style w can enjoy for years—for example, an all-white marble tile bathroom.  You will never get tired of that classic look. If you want to change it up a bit, change the accessories, but the bones are solid.

On the other hand, think of fashion trends that flamed out in a season, and you would never be caught dead wearing again. For example, long-sleeved shirts with a bustier top over them or animal print everything!!!

Will we ever forgive ourselves for shag carpets and plastic-covered furniture?!!!


 The Secret to Good Interior Design- How to Stay Classy and Look Trendy

  • Use quality design materials as the foundation.
  • Save the trends for things that are easily changed or replaceable.
  • When you get bored or the design world has moved on, you can quickly move on by changing paint colors and accessories without tearing down walls or replacing fixtures.

Don’t Overuse a Design Element.

Have you heard the expression “too much of a good thing”? Apply that to design as well. Just because you love mid-century modern doesn’t mean that every single piece in your house should be from the ’50s or the ’60s.  Don’t listen to your mother,  the curtains, carpet, walls, and furniture do not need to be the same color. It’s like wearing all denim. You know better!!!

 Forget you ever learned the word “Shiplap.”

Teil the truth!!! Before Chip and Joanna Gains started renovating all of Texas with reclaimed Shiplap, had you ever heard of this wood before. Did you crave it? Did you dream about rooms in your house covered in reclaimed Shiplap? Since the Gains started promoting Shiplap on their show, there has been a 150% increase in the demand for this reclaimed wood.

Shiplap was not used for ships, as the name implies. It was primarily used for barns and sheds as inexpensive weatherproofing. The trend is now reversing as people tire of the dark wood. I think they finally realize it needs to go the way of the 50’s knotty pine paneling used in every finished basement and family room of that decade.  If you are still set on Shiplap, use discretion.   How about behind the television or an accent wall? According to Joanna Gains, it looks excellent painted a dark color.

Mid – Century Modern Mania

Interior remodeling companies in Los Angeles are overrun with requests to renovate Mid- Century Modern Homes. Los Angeles County has many great examples of the 50’s architectural style. Some have been perfectly preserved or renovated to preserve the integrity of the design. Design features like the unique window shapes, flat roofs, asymmetrical shapes, open floor plans, and the way the homes connect to the outdoor space and nature are very appealing.

We can celebrate the beauty of the design and brilliant architecture, but do you have to decorate with all things 50’s. This is the same interior design mistake that people make when they fall in love with a style or concept. If you appreciate antiques, does that mean your home has to be filled with antiques only? Have we not made anything of use or aesthetically appealing in the last two hundred plus years? I’m sorry, but those antique couches are not made to be sat on by twenty-first-century bodies. We are used to being comfortable, and we should have it.

To appreciate the

design aesthetic we are better off highlighting it with a few fantastic pieces instead of having people feel like they are entering a museum when they come to visit.

 Chalk Board Paint

Every DYI starting in 2016 show demonstrated how to organize your life by having a chalkboard painted wall. You could keep your grocery list up to date, track carpool schedules, or create that tavern, pub environment right in your own home. Use it to organize your office space or give the kids a wall to draw on in their rooms.   It turns out that it’s a lot harder than it looks to get that perfect chalkboard surface, and people actually don’t want their homes to look like a tavern. Interior remodeling companies in Los Angeles recommend updated technology- whiteboard wallpaper walls. Easier to apply and less messy. No soft chalk dust anywhere.

Wallpaper is Back in Style

Wallpaper is back in fashion, but not how we think about it remembering our grandmother’s house back in the day. We are not going back to complicated floral patterns in every room of the house. Think accent wall—a bold graphic print on a wall to break up a large room or highlight a specific space.

Again, technology has brought up some excellent decorating opportunities, offering temporary wallpaper. This is a boon to apartment renters. And just like a henna tattoo, when you get tired, you can remove it for those who are commitment-phobic.

Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete Counter Tops were trendy, with the HGTV Design Show starting about 2016. Concrete does have a great industrial look and offers some creative design options. The problem is that once you pour it, you can’t change your mind. The only way to remove it is with a jackhammer. It’s heavy and porous.  If not properly sealed and maintained, your countertops will stain.  Interior remodeling companies in Los Angeles say their clients are really done with concrete counters.

On Trend for 2022

Now that you know how to avoid critical interior design mistakes, it’s time to plan for your 2022 design projects. Work with a company that can keep your project on track, save you from the common DYI mistakes and deliver professional results. This is an investment in your home.  When it comes to interior renovation projects like bathroom, kitchen, office, or home additions, you want to work with the top Interior remodeling company in Los Angeles.

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