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How to choose between a walk-in shower vs. tub

How to choose between a walk-in shower vs. tub

February 28, 2022


It’s finally time to start planning your bathroom remodel. The number one question people have is how do I choose between a new walk-in shower vs. tub? There are many ways to answer this question.

Let’s get into the issues between a walk-in shower vs. tub:

  • Is this your forever home? – If you are planning to age in place, then you need to consider your safety first. Safety is your number one priority. Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. According to the National Council on Aging, one in four Americans over 65 falls each year. Up to 80 % of falls of people sixty-five or older occur in the bathroom.
  • Most caregivers and facilities agree that a walk-in shower with a non-slip mat, a shower seat, safety bars, and a handheld shower is key to preventing falls. They are also more accessible for people in wheelchairs.
  • If you have a young family, you will probably want one bathroom with a tub. If your second bathroom has a tub, you can preserve that tub for the kids. Then you are free to create the master bathroom of your dreams. If you always wanted a luxurious walk-in shower, then go for it. When you go to sell, all your bases are covered.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The average bathroom is 40 square feet, and a standard tub takes up 13- 15 square feet. That doesn’t leave a generous amount of open floor space. If you want to create a relaxing, spa-like environment, then preserve as much space as possible for amenities such as a double sink and extra storage space.

If you have a smaller bathroom, around 32 square feet, you may want to stick with a shower. The footprint of a shower is approximately 9 square feet. The extra percentage of open floor space will make a big difference in the functionality and overall experience of your renovated bathroom.

Walk-in showers and tubs come with many types of amenities these days. It doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice to give up a tub when you can have a walk-in show with a rainforest shower experience, multiple showerheads or jets, a steam function, and smart technology to play your favorite music or listen to your morning news programs.

Who Is Using This Bathroom?

It pays to think about practical issues when planning your bathroom remodel. Who is using this bathroom? Do you have young children or teens? Children grow up quickly. If you don’t want to spend time arguing with your smelly teens about cleanliness, make it easy for them to jump in and out of the walk-in shower after their soccer games or skateboarding sessions. Also, what is going to be easiest for you to keep clean?

Is this bathroom for guests, aging parents, or in a spare room that you Airbnb? If so, you probably want a walk-in shower to suit most people and be equipped with safety features and handicap-accessible. If you have the luxury of space to consider both a walk-in shower and a stand-alone tub, well, that is the best of both worlds.

If it’s just you and your partner to consider, then start with your needs and desires. Do you have room for both a stand-alone bath and a walk-in shower? Are your shower people or bath people? Check out the design magazines and a few bathroom showrooms to get familiar with all the fantastic options.

What’s Your Budget?

An average price for a lower-end bathroom remodeling works out to be between $12,000 and $15,000. Also, remember that costs equate to square footage for both labor and materials. That’s why there is a price difference between remodeling your master bath vs. your half bath.

If your renovation budget is more flexible, there are some things that you can achieve within the mid-range bathroom remodel. The average estimate for a mid-range bathroom remodel is approximately $22,000 to $30,000. Some of the differences you’ll see with a renovation at this price point are wood cabinetry, up-leveled shower fixtures, and the opportunity to play with more variety of titles and stones for counters, flooring, and showers.

If you’re ready to invest in creating the bathroom of your dreams, you may find yourself in the higher-end budget for the cost of your bathroom remodel. The average estimate for a high-end bathroom renovation is between $55,000 and $75,000.


According to the industry standards, the average cost of a tub plus installation is $400 to $8,000, compared to an average of $400 to $10,000 to build a walk-in shower.

The wide range in pricing is dependent on your choice of either a simple basic prefab shower or, on the higher end, a custom walk-in shower with all the bells and whistles, the same with the bath pricing. The starting price is for a simple basic bath. The higher pricing is for a spa tub with lots of options and technology.

While it may seem that the walk-in show is prohibitively more expensive, there are a few things to consider before making your selection.

A water-saving showerhead will save you money on your water bill. The average shower only uses 17 gallons compared to the average bath’s 24. Over time the cost savings of the shower will add up. Keep more money in your pocket and conserve precious water.


Check with the realtors in your neighborhood. Upgraded bathrooms with walk-in showers are very on-trend for 2021. According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, 51 percent of home buyers expect a full bathroom to mean one with a tub.

Remodeling Magazine estimated that bathroom remodels that included a porcelain tub yielded an ROI of 70.1 percent, whereas a remodel that featured a curbless walk-in shower produced a 70.6 percent ROI.

When it comes to adding value to your home, the number to focus on is that bathroom remodel can increase resale value by 20 percent. Potential buyers do demand an updated bathroom.

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