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Kitchen design ideas 2021 – Los Angeles… What’s Trending?

Kitchen design ideas 2021 – Los Angeles… What’s Trending?

February 28, 2022

2021 is an exciting year for Kitchen Design and Renovation. Are you thinking about a full kitchen remodel? or looking for ways to update your current kitchen design? We have some beautiful trends from the Kitchen Designers that will absolutely inspire you.
We are spending more time at home these days. Our kitchens are beginning to strain with the demands of eating, working, and relaxing all in the same space. Designers are focusing on luxury, design and functionality, hygiene, and efficiency.


1. Go Luxe- go for marble. Use it for kitchen islands, backsplashes, and countertops. Don’t be afraid to use deep veined and busier designs. They deliver a very exotic and elegant look.
2. Color Pops!!! Although white remains the most popular kitchen color, try to upgrade your design with a pop of color. How much tolerance for risk do you have? A simple accent wall can be easily changed if you grow tired of the bright orange or purple you chose. Countertops are a major color commitment. Will you go for it?!!!
3. Bigger is better. We are working, cooking, homeschooling, zoom meeting, consuming media, and playing in our kitchens. If one kitchen Island is good, then two kitchen islands are better! Or add on a multi-level addition to your existing island. More space to cook, eat, and play together.
4. Do you love drama? Yes, then try a black kitchen. Paint the walls black and use dark textured wood for the floors. Add dark counters to create a rustic and romantic cozy kitchen.
5. Simplicity, streamlined, and elegant are the key phrases for the 2021 kitchen trends. Our kitchen designers suggest an easy way to accomplish this design trend is with Handle less Drawers and Cabinets. Push to open doors and drawers make it simple to create an elegant and clean line for a most modern kitchen effect.
6. The Midas touch. For a look of elegance, plan to add a gold-tone sink, faucet, or finishes, creating the real luxe look. Use your imagination to accessorize.
7. Quartz countertops are still the most popular. They look great and are easy to maintain. To jazz up your kitchen space for 2021, add some shine by including high shine, gloss, or mirrored backsplashes or countertops.

In 2021 you are going to hear the term Broken Plan Living a lot! The open plan worked before the Pandemic. Now we are looking to maximize the use of our space while keeping the open feeling. Use decorative screens, house plants, and furniture to create unique use spaces for work, relaxing, entertaining, and dining.


We need more space for the small appliances we’ve added to support the preparation of all the new recipes. People are cooking more, baking more, and investing in everything from slow cookers, pasta, and bread makers to pizza ovens and home brewing kits. Have you added a smoothie bar to your kitchen design wish list?
We’re making sauces and rubs that require ten spices or more to build the professional flavors. I’ve run out of space in my spice rack. We want the comfort and convenience of having our larders stocked for whatever we decide to include on the menu tonight. Large pantries are a practical design trend. When you can store everything in one large space, you can eliminate some of the smaller cabinets, leaving a more open and streamlined look. Another aspect of the 2021 trend goes beyond streamlined. People want to be organized, ultra-clean, and hygienic, and have everything out of sight.

Hygiene and cleanliness are a priority for the Kitchen space. Update your kitchen by installing a new touchless water faucet. The manufactures are also offering voice command faucets. Be clean and safe and have water on command. For extra luxury, add a mudroom to separate and obringing more natural and organic materials rganize outdoor clothing and accessories. Keep things neat, organized, and out of sight.

Energy efficiency is a top priority when considering a kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles. Consider replacing your appliances and windows with new energy-efficient ones. The trend in lighting this year is everything from hanging long bar lighting to anything woven to create an organic Island feel.

Another popular design option for 2021 is bringing more natural and organic materials into your kitchen design. Include a live herb garden. Use reclaimed or recycled wood for your floors and cabinetry. Bring in earth tone colors with a pop of bright green. Add lots of natural light with new doors and larger windows, including your garden view as part of the new kitchen design.
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