There are so many exciting options to consider when renovating your bathroom. We are going to be looking at the trends for 2021 in color and design, tiles, lighting, appliances, and design aesthetics.
If you have been putting off your bathroom remodeling project in Los Angeles, now is the time to get started. So, let’s dive in.

The Top Five Bathroom Color Trends for 2021

  • The top of the list is the ever-popular white. It enhances the look of cleanliness and is easy to update with new colored accessories.
  • Black and grey are equally popular. A sophisticated combination that lends itself to many tile designs and gradients of black and gray
  • Grey – soft and the new neutral
  • Dark Grey-adds drama and creates a more masculine edge.
  • Yellow- for the optimists and lovers of nature

2021 Bathroom Tiles colors are trending neutral with black, white, grey, and muted tones.

Combine matte tiles with both polished and metallic finishes. Geometric shapes are popular. Use a holistic approach to tiling your bathroom. By repeating the same materials for your floor and walls, you will keep the space open and flowing.

Master Bathroom Renovations

The stand-alone tub has become the star of the bathroom renovation in Lost Angeles for 2021. The larger the tub, the better. Choose a style that integrates with your architecture and natural surroundings.
Do you have a high-rise city view? You might want to go for a sophisticated tub with a tiled frame that has space for everything you desire within easy reach.

Enjoy the sunset with your glass of wine, a heated towel, adjust the lighting and the music from your wall-mounted tablet. Turn on your built-in fireplace to keep yourself toasty as you soak until you are a happy prune.

Reach out to your bathroom contractor in Los Angeles for customized design ideas.

If you are in a more natural setting, take advantage of the nature around you, bringing it into your bathroom design. Choose a large soaking tub surrounded by boulders for a more rustic approach. Or complete your soaking tub with a built-in wooden frame. The more natural light you can bring in, the better. Add skylights and update the view of your gardens, woods, or swimming pool.

For a more traditional home, 2021 is the year to bring back the copper soaking tub with the four claw
traditional design.

The Open Vanity is Still On Point for 2021

For a smaller bathroom, an open vanity serves to create architectural interest and the illusion of more space. Use distinctive baskets to store necessities. Make it easy to find the extra roll of toilet paper.
Stored towels add a pop of color.

On-trend is also leaving the space empty. Again, it creates the illusion of more space and leaves room for your guests to store their toiletries.

Appliances for the Bathroom Renovation 2021

Technology is now integrated into every aspect of our lives. The bathroom is no exception.

Bathroom Designers love getting rid of the noisy old bathroom fans. Have your bathroom renovation contractor install a new modern fan, integrated into the ceiling with the lighting fixture. You can control the lighting to create a soft night light or spa atmosphere. The silent fan will automatically turn itself on and off in response to the moisture level in the room.

We now require access to our televisions in every room of the house. Get the morning news or catch up with your favorite show while you get ready for work. Your television can be built right into your medicine cabinet, rise by demand from your vanity, hang on the wall, or be installed into your customized shower.

Showers have become high-tech environments where you can now control the lighting, music, and temperature. DO you want to take a steam or shower under a rainfall or take advantage of multiple showerheads? Your Los Angles Bathroom renovation specialist will be able to walk you through all the technology options for your 2021-bathroom remodeling.

Oh, and let’s not forget to talk about the toilet.

After the Covid-19 run on toilet paper, many Los Angeles are joining their European counterparts and adding a bidet to their master bathroom renovation. Toilets are now more complex appliances. With heated seats, controls for your lighting, music, and new hygiene options, we can understand why toilets are referred to as the throne.

When considering a bathroom renovation, look into the many green Ecco-friendly options available for flooring materials. Update your lighting design with a statement fixture. Choose something with drama or interesting architectural lines. Make sure to check with your bathroom designers to ensure you have sufficient lighting for every area of your new bathroom.

For extra luxury, add radiant heating in the floor to keep you extra toasty and a towel warmer to turn your master spa bathroom into a five-star hotel experience.

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