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Exterior paint colors for 2020

Exterior paint colors for 2020

April 15, 2020

Here’s how exterior paint colors up-level your home!

Ready…set…renovate! It’s amazing the way that a fresh coat of paint can transform your Los Angeles home. Whether your planning to paint your exterior or interior space we have got some insight on the paint color trends for 2020.

Before we dive into the top trending exterior paint colors, we wanted to share helpful information about exterior paint color schemes.

-Ideally, an exterior paint scheme should have three major parts: A field color that dominates; an accent color that brings shutters, doors, and other smaller parts to life; and the trim color. Once you have chosen a unique and appealing combination of field and trim, make it stand out with an eye-catching accent color Color Exterior Here’s a great example of creating that exterior paint color scheme. Notice in the after picture the way that the accent color pops around the archways of the windows.

Ready for your Pro-tip? Here’s a list of the popular exterior paint colors for 2020:

  • The top choice is Gray. Gray is currently trending as the most popular paint color for both exterior painting and interior painting projects.
  • Next is Beige. A great way to stay neutral with your paint colors. Beige is also popular for both exterior and interior painting.
  • Now, let’s talk about Brown. An Earth tone Brown is a great choice for your exterior painting project. Still keeping to that neutral paint color trend.
  • Keeping with the natural Earth tones next up we have Green. Depending on the intensity you choose Green can be natural and a great choice for both interior and exterior painting projects.
  • Final on the list we have Navy Blue. Navy Blue is, of course, less of a natural color however it makes a very regal impact for curb appeal.

Make sure you look to your general contractor to provide you with a proper estimate as well as suggestions as to what would be the best exterior paint color for your Los Angeles home.

Let your unique style shine through!

Let’s unpack another interesting trend. Despite all we hear about the value of a fresh coat of paint to raise a property’s resale price, only 4% of homeowners paint for that reason. Most Los Angeles homeowners paint their homes because they want took create a different look, pure and simple. Since painting is one method that is recommended for making your home look more luxurious and paint can quickly transform a tired-looking room, it makes sense that many homeowners want to use exterior paint to update their spaces. So, the main reason homeowners decide to paint is a personal preference rather than external factors, such as increasing the value of a house or preparing it for resale.

For some Los Angeles homeowners, the idea of investing out of pocket into exterior painting or renovation projects may not seem like a possibility. Keep in mind that with Structura Remodeling no job is too small and there is always an opportunity to apply for financing. With over 16 years of industry experience, Structura Remodeling is here to help you dream…design…and build your perfect Los Angeles home. We offer free consultations and 3-D renders of your dream renovation projects.