Learn more about the cost of your Los Angeles Bathroom Remodel

Ready for your renovation?! Do you feel like you need more information before you can say yes to your bathroom remodel? The team at Structura Remodeling is here to support you. Having provided accurate estimates for bathroom renovations for over 16 years we understand the details that go into creating a dream California bathroom. Today, we’ll explore the average cost of a California bathroom remodel in Los Angeles.

There are a few key things to consider when researching the cost of a bathroom remodel. Here are some helpful hints.

-Know the square footage of your space. The size of your bathroom can play an important factor in the estimate of your renovation. Are you planning to remodel your master bath? Or do you have a half bath that needs an upgrade? In either scenario have the square footage is a great first step.
-What’s your style? Do you tend to lean into modern clean lines, or do you love the look of shabby chic? Knowing your style will help to get an average estimate of fixtures, materials and of course, also help with laying out the bathroom design.
-Are you looking for a walk-in shower, or are you more excited by having that perfect bathtub, where your Los Angeles bathroom turns into your spa? A shower vs. a bathtub will also affect the average estimate you receive for your renovation.

Cost of a lower-end bathroom remodel

Average Cost of a lower-end bathroom remodel:

If you are looking to remodel your Los Angeles bathroom and work within a budget. There are options to keep your estimate for your renovation on the low end. The average price for a lower-end bathroom remodel is between $12,000 and $15,000. With Structura financing is always an option. The simplest way to adjust the cost of your renovation is by selecting re-purposed counters or cabinets and looking at less elaborate lighting fixtures. Also, there is an average price difference between remodeling your master bath vs. your half bath.

Cost of a mid-range Los Angeles bathroom remodel

Average cost of a mid-range Los Angeles bathroom remodel:

If your renovation budget is more flexible there are some things that you can achieve within the mid-range bathroom remodel. The average estimate for a mid-range bathroom remodel is $22,000 to $30,000. Some of the differences you’ll see with a renovation at this price point are wood cabinetry, up-leveled shower fixtures and the opportunity to play with more variety of titles and stones. The title selection is huge especially when considering the flow of your bathroom and ensuring that you’re honoring California design trends.

Cost for a high-end bathroom remodel

Average cost for a high-end bathroom remodel:

If you’re ready to invest in creating the bathroom of your dreams you may find yourself in the high-end average for the cost of your bathroom remodel. The average estimate for a high-end bathroom renovation is between $55,000 and $75,000. Remember, financing is available, especially if you’re a Veteran or a Senior Citizen. If your Los Angeles remodel falls in the high-end you can pretty much expect to dream…design and build your perfect bathroom. In this range, you’ll most likely have the square footage to include both a stand-up shower and a soaking tub. Also, you can play with a high-end stone that fits the California vibe as well as upgraded fixtures. Would you love to wake up and step into your master bathroom and take a rain shower? Well, in a high-end remodel your shower settings will be designed for luxury. Also, another design component that you’ll see in a high-end bathroom renovation is working with stone or granite countertops.

Taking advantage of a compliment in-home consultation is a wonderful way to receive an estimate for your bathroom remodel while also creating a 3D design. Remember, no job is too small or too big for Structural Remodeling and we’re happy to answer any questions about your Los Angeles bathroom renovation.