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Time to Remodel your Kids Bedroom?… Check Out the latest LA Trends.

Time to Remodel your Kids Bedroom?… Check Out the latest LA Trends.

April 29, 2020

Have your children, teens and tweens come to you begging for a remodel of their childhood bedroom? Is it time to put the teddy bear collection aside? Time to make room for their new hobbies and sleepovers?

Remodeling your children’s bedroom may seem like an overwhelming task. It’s going to take more than a new coat of paint or a new comforter to make your children’s room renovation a success.

Key to Successful Kids Room Remodeling Project

Work with a professional LA General Contractor. A professional contractor will help you focus on the right ideas for your kid’s remodel. They will help you identify your priorities for the project and help you to create a realistic budget as well.

Here are some of the Questions to consider when planning your remodeling project.

  1. How has the use of the space changed as your kid transitioned from toddler to child or from tween to teen?
  2. Will your children be sharing a room? Do they love to have Sleepovers?
  3. What new hobbies do they need to make room for?
  4. Do your kids need a study space with room for all of their technology?
  5. Is it time to ditch the twin bed and add a more spacious solution for your six-foot teenager?

Storage Storage Storage is the Key!

Is your child an artist in need of a space to paint, dream and create? Are your kid’s robotic experts spending hours building with Lego sets or using their 3 D printer and loads of computing power. Or do you live with a sports fanatic? Does your child have sports equipment for every season? Do your twins share a room but have different taste in everything from music to hobbies to style? One thing all these kids have in common…the need for more storage space. Storage will keep your children organized and protect your sanity!!!

There are so many exciting trends and creative solutions for handling your kid’s storage needs. Check out the modular solutions that combine beds with study, storage and play space. Let your child choose a theme bedroom and add some of the latest hidden storage hacks.

Up level your technology functionality and storage. Add a phone and tablet bracket for easy study and bedtime viewing. Include a wall that is covered in chalk board paint to inspire the artist or future mathematician in them.

Spend some time on Pinterest with your child checking out kids’ bedrooms to better understand their personal ascetic.

NOW is The Time to Get Started!!!

Your children are spending more time than ever in their bedrooms. All of the LA school districts are providing home schooling until the end of this school year. Now it is more important than ever for your children to have a functional, organized and inspiring environment.

How to Get Started on your LA Children’s Bedroom Remodel

The first step is to find a trusted LA General Contractor and request an estimate. A professional General Contractor with experience in Children’s Bedroom Remodeling will be able to advise you from design to execution. They know the trends and will have many ideas for children’s rooms. Ask to see their design portfolio.

Strurctura Remodeling is a five-star LA based General Contracting and Remodeling company with more than 16 years successfully serving the LA community with their amazing designs and execution.

During this challenging time dealing with the Covid-19 virus they are offering a Free Virtual Estimate Service. Start today planning your Children’s Bedroom Remodel. Structura will do the work so you and your children can focus on the fun part of picking out the colors and accessories for their new space!

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