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How to Safely Live in Your Los Angeles Home During A Major Renovation Project

How to Safely Live in Your Los Angeles Home During A Major Renovation Project

June 3, 2020

Ok, the contract for your LA Home Renovation project is signed…and your General Contractor is ready to begin. That means the plans are in place and you have made the decision to weather the dust storms, the noise, and experience living in your home during the stages of your upcoming renovation project.

You will need to know what to expect, how you can keep your family safe, and stay sane through it all!

Day One – Here is what you need to consider for renovation safety:

The demolition phase is the messiest and most chaotic step in your renovation. It may look fun and exciting on your favorite HGTV show but trust us when we say, “plan to be out of the house until the demolition is complete and the area being renovated is sealed off.”

New Family Safety Rules:

  • No one goes barefoot in the construction site
  • Tools are not toys
  • The more you can stay out of the way the faster your general contractor & crew can work
  • Sleeping in late will be put on pause until you’re on the flip side of your remodeling project.

How to safely live in your Los Angeles home during a kitchen renovation

Plan ahead and set up a second kitchen site. Luckily, living in Los Angeles you can cook outside most of the year. If you are concerned about the weather, choosing the summertime for your home renovation could be really helpful.

Use your old cabinets to create a pantry and store your dishes. Move your microwave and refrigerator to a convenient location nearest the outdoor grill or camping stove. Great time to pull out the instant pot and air fryer you received as gifts last holiday season. Set up a folding table as your prep area and you will be good to go.

If you have a utility sink in the garage for washing dishes and pots …. great! If not, purchase a large metal tub to get the job done. You can always use it as a planter later to grow your own veggies. Stock up on paper plates. It’s not the “greenest” solution…. but sometimes you must go with a practical alternative. This is a great time to get each family member a new water bottle.

Be gentle with yourself. There are some great healthy, pre-made microwavable meal options that will simplify your life. Time to reinstate a weekly Pizza Night!

Have everything emptied out and packed away before your LA Renovation Team arrives. Great time to get rid of the items in the back of the cabinets that are just taking up space.

Don’t forget to pack up your good dishes and crystal glassware. Even if they are stored in the dining room the hammering and vibrations from the renovation can endanger delicate items. Better to be safe than sorry.

How to safely live in your Los Angeles home during a bathroom renovation

We suggest, you proceed with one-bathroom renovation at a time, so patience is your friend! All the above rules apply when it comes to your safety. Please remember to completely remove your items from the bathroom before the renovation demo team arrives.

Set up family rules for sharing the second bathroom. Even though your contractor will clean up at the end of the day, in Los Angeles, you should be prepared for extra dust.

Bathroom renovations can be thrown off schedule if mold is discovered during the demolition. This is common in older Los Angeles homes. This could add a week or more to your timeline. That’s where your patience will be tested.

The positives about choosing to stay in your home while renovating:

  • You are available to make quick decisions on materials and design options
  • You can easily check on the progress
  • You are around for any necessary troubleshooting when unexpected problems show up
  • You will save money on AirBnB or hotel stays
  • You won’t have to move in with your In-Laws…which for some people this will be a blessing.
With a little pre-planning, you can stay safely in your home while your Contractor manages a professional renovation project to create the home of your dreams!

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