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Los Angeles Home décor trends 2020

Los Angeles Home décor trends 2020

April 15, 2020

Here’s the home décor and design must for your home in 2020

Ready…set…renovate! There are a few home décors trends that have hit the must-have list for 2020. The team at Structura Remodeling is here to help you uncover the show-stopping home décor trends. Los Angeles certainly beats to its own drum when it comes to home décor trends in 2020. As general contractors serving Los Angeles, we support clients each day with creative interior designs. Here are some pro tips outlining the top 5 home décor trends in 2020 that you don’t want to miss.

1. Black and white classics

Home Decore Black and White Classics In this Los Angeles bathroom, we’ve made a bold impact in home décor with a modern approach to a black and white classic style. Notice how working with the black and white components and then adding the accent of the wood tones creates a clean-lined look and feel for this renovation project. You can keep your home décor canvas simply and then add a pop of texture with an epic area rug.

2. Antique Art

Let 2020 be the year that you add more art to your home. Not only is it a popular home décor trend in Los Angeles for 2020 but, it also allows you to express your uniqueness. Home is where the heart is…what expressing your heart better than an antique work of art? If originally painted artworks are outside your budget, you can find beautiful art hidden in the strangest of places…don’t be afraid to shop vintage.

3.Color Pop Cabinets

Home Decore Color Pop Cabinets In this gorgeous Los Angeles kitchen, you’ll see a wonderful use of color pop cabinets. While the all-white kitchen décor is still a wonderful fit for some…there is also a burst of color showing up within home décor trends of 2020. The added color transforms this design from traditional to whimsical.

4. Canopy Beds

Canopy beds have been all the rage for 2020. Now you can do a canopy bed that will transform your Master suite without having to have fabric over top. This is a great option to keep the brightness of your bedroom décor while taking advantage of the latest trends. When it comes to the canopy bed, modern versions are being made with acrylic, metal, and sleek upholstered frames.

5. Walk-in Showers

Home Decore Walk-in Showers A walk-in shower is a great way to create sleek bathroom décor. You can transform our old/outdating bathtub while also adding impactful tile and glass doors which are top of list home décor trends for Los Angeles in 2020. The walk-in shower opens additional usable space in your bathroom. Playing with accent tile is also a great way to add artistic flair to your bathroom décor.

These are just a few of our favorite home décor trends for 2020. What’s also trending in interior design with the color navy blue, working with grays and neutral tones when designing your living space as well as indoor gardens. The more life you can add to your Los Angeles home the better.

We trust you found this article helpful and invite you to take advantage of a compliment in-home consultation with the team at Structura Remodeling. Our consultations are a wonderful way to receive estimates for any remodeling project you have in mind, while also have a 3D design created. Remember, no job is too small or too big for Structural Remodeling and we’re happy to answer any questions about your Los Angeles home décor or renovation request.