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Fantastic Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Families

Fantastic Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Families

February 28, 2022


Summer is over, and those lazy days at the beach are being replaced by getting ready for back to school. August is the time for clothes shopping, new backpacks, lunch boxes, and fresh back-to-school haircuts. It’s incredible how much the kids grow over the summer. Do you get nostalgic looking back at all the first day of school photos? Where did the time go?!!!

If you have a large family, then you probably have spent hours negotiating bathroom schedules. You become the drill sergeant about showering schedules and time the morning routine down to the milli- second. Besides dreaming about a few more moments of sleep each day and noise-canceling headsets to block the sounds of family disputes, you long for a solution to ending the struggles around the morning bathroom routine.

You may not have space to add another bathroom, but you can make the one you have way more functional for your brood. All it takes is some creativity and a conversation with a bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles.

Instead of having to line up in the morning, here are some suggestions to transform your bathroom into the type of workable space you crave. We included ways to create more privacy, storage and make the space you have more functional.

When you speak to your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, bring this list of bathroom design ideas and see how you can incorporate them into a bathroom renovation that your large family will love.

Bathroom Design Ideas for Big Families from Your Los Angeles Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Get Rid of Your Old Sink.

Have you been putting up with a single small basin? Replace your old pedestal sink with a double sink or a trendy trough. Make room for multiple tooth brushers, and face washers while adding enough storage space to give each child a draw.

White, ebony, and grey are the most popular bathroom vanity colors. If you want to make your bathroom look more spacious, choose a bright white vanity. Open bottom vanities are trending now. They give the bathroom a spa-like look, great towel storage, or space for individual baskets of toiletries.

Bring Back the Dressing Table/Vanity

Problem-You have a house full of teens all trying to get dressed and out at the same time. Are they lined up at the mirror fighting over the hairdryer and trying to get their make-up done?

Solution – Take that traffic out of the bathroom and back into their rooms. Build a make-up station into a closet or buy a separate vanity with mirror and storage draws so your teens can get ready while freeing up necessary bathroom time. An added bonus is that they have additional storage space and hopefully can keep their rooms tidy.

Enclose Your Toilet

One of the simplest ways to increase the workability of your bathroom is by building an enclosure for your toilet. By closing off the toilet, other people can come and go as needed. Separating the toilet will double your bathroom efficiency schedule when trying to move your crew out in the morning.

If you are remodeling your toilet area, consider a wall-mounted toilet. A standard toilet is 14 to 15 inches high from the finished floor to the top of the bowl (excluding the fold-down seat). Consider a higher measurement of 16 to 18 inches for your wall-mounted toilet if you plan on aging into your golden years.

Shower Privacy.

Glass-enclosed shower stalls continue to be a prevalent trend. They give the bathroom a very spacious and spa-like look. They may not be efficient for big families. The see-through glass offers no privacy and limits the use of the bathroom when someone is showering. It may not be as sexy, but in terms of functionality, you would be better off choosing a traditional shower/tub combo with an opaque curtain instead.

If you consider replacing your shower with a shower/ tub combo, investigate the biggest tub option for your bathroom space. If you can install an oversized tub, you can bathe multiple children simultaneously and then enjoy some grown-up bath time later on. Maybe you can reclaim some of that spa experience!

Create a Storage Strategy

Storage is the key to staying organized. It is so important when you are planning a bathroom remodel to have a storage strategy. Add as much storage as possible. Here are some tips from the pros on adding additional storage for your brood and being creative in the process. Consult with your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles for some great suggestions.

  • Add wall-mounted cabinets- don’t sacrifice floor space and double your storage.
  • Use awkward spaces – If you have unused nooks, open the wall and add floating shelves. Consult with your bathroom remodeling contractor to find creative ways to use the space.
  • Assign specific color storage boxes for each member of the family. Make the bathroom easy to organize, and there will be no excuses for the kids not picking up after themselves.
  • Use a ladder rack for towel storage. Ladders don’t take up much room and add an architectural look to the bathroom.
  • Hanging bar- Hang a combination of storage baskets, towels, and your hairdryer for a quirky and practical look.
  • Install a medicine cabinet- they are convenient and much more modern these days.
  • Tall, narrow cabinets for practical storage that doesn’t take up necessary space

Choose the Right Surfaces for Maximum Wear

It is crucial to choose suitable materials for a high traffic area and rate high for durability. You want surfaces that are easy to maintain and that are easy to wipe clean. If you are on a budget, the best choice is a one-piece laminate surround shower tub combo. To create a more upscale look, choose a tile with epoxy grout.

Flooring should be vinyl or laminate for minimal wear and tear. There are so many beautiful choices with vinyl these days. For a higher-end finish, choose a tile that doesn’t have a high gloss finish. Bathroom safety is important to consider.

Create a Better Bathroom Traffic Flow.

Sometimes the bathroom floor plan is to blame for functionality issues. Speak with your bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles about redesigning the traffic flow in your bathroom. Sometimes repositioning the toilet, sink, and shower can give you much more needed floor space.

Save Time and Go Low Maintenance

The time we have with our families is precious. Who wants to spend valuable time cleaning the bathroom? If time, functionality, and durability are important to you, choose top-end acrylic bathroom furnishings. Acrylic s resist mold, prevent mildew, and don’t need grout. Simple to clean and maintain. Will stand up to your extensive family needs.

The final strategy is patience. Your children will eventually grow up, leave home, and leave the bathroom to you 😊!!!
Get started planning your new bathroom remodel today and start enjoying beautiful, Los Angeles stress- free back to school mornings with your family soon.
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