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Home Improvement Projects To Do This Summer

Home Improvement Projects To Do This Summer

June 3, 2020

Spring arrives and you start dreaming of Summer trips to the beach and BBQs in the back yard. As you survey your Los Angeles outdoor space you start to make a mental list of all the projects that need to get done. The roof was a little leaky this winter and as a Los Angeles homeowner you may have been putting off these repairs. The deck is looking like it needs a refinish. Perhaps you’re thinking it would be a good time to call on a decks contractor in Los Angeles to help you repair those rickety steps. Your neighbor is siding his house and now and maybe you’ve notices that your home is now looking a little shabby. Have you been watching your favorite home remodeling shows all winter and while “sheltering in place” and now you’re dreaming of updating your space? Now is the time to work with a general contractor in Los Angeles!!! Los Angeles is blessed with great weather year-round…. but there are some home renovation projects that are best reserved for summer.

Here are some of the top summer home improvement projects for Los Angeles homeowners.

Outside Projects:

Repair or replaceyour roof- Winter is the rainy season in L.A. The best time to replace or repair your roof is in the heat of the summer when it is nice and dry. Get it done now. Having a leaky roof could create mold issues in your home or cause further structural damage. This could add additional costs to your Roof Renovation if you wait.

Build an outdoor kitchen– We have all been spending more time at home. Cooking has become the new “it” hobby. Indulge your gourmet fantasies and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Both practical for outdoor entertaining and a prudent investment in the value of your home. In Los Angeles, an outdoor kitchen renovation will provide many joyful opportunities year-round.

Replace Home Siding– Is your exterior paint no longer standing up? Is your house looking a little sad? It may be time to consider siding your home. There are so many new choices. Something for everyone’s taste. Most of these new materials are weatherproof and fireproof which is perfect for the challenges of living in Los Angeles. Make your neighbors jealous by renovating your exterior.

Build a New Deck/ Outdoor Living Space– A new deck design will add additional living space to your home and give you that resort lifestyle you have been craving. Add an option for shade. Maybe a fireplace or fire pit. How about a water feature or jacuzzi? When you hire a Professional L.A. Contractor, they will help you create an inspired space with whatever outdoor area you have to work with.

Summer Interior Renovation Projects:

New Kitchen– Have you been thinking it’s time for a new kitchen? Whether you invest in a full kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles or just focus on replacing the countertops and resurfacing the cabinets, summer is the perfect time to complete this home kitchen remodel. You can use your outdoor kitchen or set up a temporary outdoor space for your family. The kids are off from school. Life is more laid back. Choosing now as a time to remodel your kitchen will help the renovation project feel more like a camping adventure and less disruptive.

New Windows and Doors. – Add some drama and flair to your home with new windows and a new front door. This is a practical upgrade and will add a new dimension of beauty to your Los Angeles Home. New windows will save you time and money. They will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Protect you and your furnishings from the sun and UV rays. You can even have windows installed that are made with earthquake-proof glass! A new front door not only provides an upgraded level of security but, also a wonderful opportunity to update your Los Angeles homes’ curb appeal. Your new door should be fireproof and break-In resistant. An easy way to upgrade the look of your home.

New Ceiling Fans– Are your ceiling fans from the 1970s and sound like they are limping along. New modern ceiling fans will keep you cool while lighting up your world. Important to have a ceiling fan in each room of the house for airflow and to help the air conditioning system on those steamy 100-degree Los Angeles Summer days. Replacing them will keep your family safe from any falling objects!!!

Some Simple Additional Hacks- Upgrade your curb appeal with a selection of Los Angeles Drought -Free Plants. Add a pop of color by including your favorite flowers. Your home will look amazing both inside and out. Add a vegetable garden and include your favorite herbs. Wrap some solar twinkle lights around your trees. Time to add a new fruit tree or exotic palm.

Contact your Los Angeles Renovation Contractor today to get started today. You will be living your best life, enjoying your new L.A. Summer Home Renovations. Call today to speak to the professionals at Structura Remodeling to get started with your L. A. Summer Home Renovation Project. With more than 16 years of experience, they are tops in their industry with many satisfied LA Homeowners. Phone us for A Free Virtual Video Estimate. Financing is available. Enjoy your summer while you dream…design…and build your dream home! No job is too small!