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The Top Reasons Why A Recession is The Perfect Time to Renovate Your Home

The Top Reasons Why A Recession is The Perfect Time to Renovate Your Home

June 3, 2020

I know this might seem crazy but, a financial recession or downturn in the economy is the perfect time for you to start a home remodeling project in Los Angeles. This might sound counter intuitive. But, for so many people, this is the right time to act and invest in your homes’ future. …And here is why.


You might be thinking now is not the time to spend your cash or take on a home improvement line of credit. Whether you’ve been dreaming of renovating your kitchen or a bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, history tells us that what goes down must come back up. We have witnessed this several times in our own lives. When the economy turns around the experts predict that real estate prices in Los Angeles will skyrocket.

We will come back from this current downturn. If you take on a Los Angeles Home Renovation you will be financially ahead of the game when it’s time to sell your home. Meanwhile, you get to enjoy living in your dream environment now.

  • A home renovation is a perfect investment in your future. Prices are low. Labor and materials are less expensive. Construction Workers, Plumbers, and Electricians are more willing to negotiate their prices. In some cases, like with our team at Structura Remodeling there are also financing options available. This can reduce the price of your home renovation by as much as 50%.
  • Five years from now you ready to upgrade to a larger home or downsize to your perfect retirement cottage. You will be thankful you invested in a home renovation when the price was right! That kitchen or bathroom remodel will add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. If you are in a starter house, even small fixes can make all the difference in your selling price.
  • With the world shut down, you have more time to manage and oversee a home remodeling project. Decisions get made quickly. The work will get done faster and that will save you money. When your home functions better for your family it will bring you joy… and save you time and money.
  • Because of the pause on commercial projects, there is a glut in materials and workers. Concrete, rebar, copper, and steel beams cost less. Even the oil to ship them costs less. Take advantage of these adjustments in price. Plumbers, Electricians, Designers, Builders are looking for projects now.
  • Companies need to clear inventory. You might be able to negotiate the price on those French doors you have been pinning for. How about an upgrade to a tech-savvy bathroom with all the bells and whistles?
  • Life is too short. Now is the time to enjoy these projects while working with a team of expert remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. How about refreshing the exterior paint for some new curb appeal? Committing to a new backyard deck. Add to your summer BBQs and outdoor picnics with friends and family
  • Take advantage of Los Angeles home remodeling grants that are available for Seniors, Veterans, and Low-Income Families. Home Depot has pledged more than One Million Dollars to renovate Veteran’s homes. The Federal Government and other organizations work with people to keep their homes safe and livable.

Bottom line…stop putting off those renovations. Remodeling your LA Home is a savvy investment for your future. Get years of pleasure from your new kitchen, bathroom, flooring, or granny flat. You are investing in your property and enjoying the outcome of your home renovation projects for all the days and years to come.

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